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Are you looking to improve your skills? Remote jobs allow employees to learn new things and accept more responsibilities. The nature of the job teaches you to overcome professional challenges.

Here are a few tech startups that are offering work from home jobs.

  1. Stripe is an excellent platform that offers remote work. It is well known in the business community for sending and receiving payments on the internet. Stripe has surfaced as the fastest-growing network in the community on US soil. In addition, the platform also offers memberships too.
  2. Help Scout is also offering cloud-based work from home services. It is desktop software with customer support that communicates based on email. Their knowledge is vast and comprehensive to assist its clients. The startup company motivates the company with an employee-sharing scheme.
  3. Toptal has adopted a strong work culture that promotes remote work. The platform promotes bridging physical distances. Its clients are heavily involved in working with technology, design, and business niches. The core team has more than 600 members who constantly assist the clients. You can work anywhere at any time with cooperative time-off guidelines too.
  4. Another tech startup that is growing famous is Zapier. It connects automated tasks, workflows, and operations. Furthermore, it also encourages remote work. The platform integrates automated tasks and workflows. You do not need a code for successful results.
  5. If you have not heard of Automattic, it is the same web development that has launched WordPress and WooCommerce. The remote startup hires hundreds of individuals worldwide, primarily in Canada and the USA. The employee can leave at any time. In addition, Automattic also offers an office setup and working allowance too.
  6. Flexible is also a well-known tech startup. It is reserved for freelancers who are expert developers and designers. The best freelancers are chosen with a screening process, so the clients hire the top 1%. It is a remote job with multiple roles, benefits, and excellent pay.
  7. Gitlab is an innovative platform with over 1300 members worldwide. However, primarily the employees are from Canada and the USA. They are the leaders in remote working who have the expertise to run a successful company. GitLab ensures that employees can work freely.
  8. Buffer is a remote-work startup that offers expertise in social media management. It will guide the clients about their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest posts. It is an attractive work from home company because it honestly communicates the revenue and expenses.
  9. Toggl has built a trust culture with its commitment to offering excellent remote jobs. The platform records performance according to working hours, billable clients, and other projects. Furthermore, Toggl will also reimburse if the employee does not have internet or working space.
  10. TaxJar is mainly offering remote work for American-based employees. You can make your working hours while unique perks reward you. The platform primarily offers simple solutions to uncomplicate sales tax matters.


After learning about the best tech startups, which platform are you registering on? Working from home is an excellent opportunity to invest in idle hours. Furthermore, it diversifies skills as you become part of a growing professional network.

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