3 freelance jobs for students

October 8, 2021 – By Trevor H.

Someone working a freelance job from their computer.
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It’s 2021. With a plethora of different freelance jobs out there, it can become frustrating to decide which one to pursue.

We have all been there. We open the fridge and the selection of food is in abundance. The same goes for the vast amount of unique remote jobs you could find online. What to choose? 

The question here is, what are you able to do, and what can you sustain? It shouldn’t be a matter of what you’d enjoy doing, it should be a matter of what remote job you can keep doing.

I have compiled a list of 3 remote jobs that could be cool. It took me all morning to write this article, so please enjoy.

1. Blogging

We are all good at something, folks. As for myself, I enjoy writing. I could do it even if I wasn’t being paid because I find it relaxing and fulfilling. When I was younger, I wrote screenplays that didn’t exactly take off, but I was motivated, and motivation is the deciding factor whether you will proceed. Would you like to be a writer? If so, ask yourself these questions.

What could I see myself writing about? What value could I give to my audience with regards to education, entertainment or even inspiration.

Is there something inside of you, information, thoughts, passions, that you would like release? Well, you can do it with a paper and pen, then transfer it over to your computer. 

Word on the street, people are making mucho dinero from writing travel blogs, investment articles. The list is too long to describe. But once you know what part of that list, the topic or niche you’d enjoy blogging or writing about, go hard, and the rest should fall into place. 


Here is a quick list I have compiled of topics one could write about – 

Food and Eating

Animals and Pets 


Investing and Finance – a huge money maker with Adsense 

Science and Technology




School and Education


Blogging and article writing may not be a field in which the freelancer will begin earning immediately. Some bloggers have reported that within 6 months to a year, the money started rolling in. We all know in life, different people have different outcomes. 

2. Graphic designer

Have you ever tried creating a quality cover photo for YouTube or Facebook? I have, and it’s super frustrating. If I wasn’t so frugal, I would pay a freelancer to do it for me. And that’s just it, not everyone is as cheap as me. People pay for these services. They pay gladly. 

If you are sufficient in graphic design, put yourself to the test. Create a profile on many of the freelance sites that are on the web.

Take Fiverr for instance. Many users are making a killing there. It takes some time to create a decent profile, but once you do, the buyers could be pouring in faster than a tsunami. 

Fiverr tip – Keep your prices low to start, and once you start getting reviews and credibility, boom! Raise the prices. Suffice to say that people don’t want to work for a “fiverr” which is 5 bucks, for the rest of their lives. 

We all know that people in India will work for  5 U.S.D, but people in The States, and other developed countries, perhaps not.

What type of graphics could I create, you asked? How about – 

YouTube thumbnails and cover photos

Facebook cover photos 


Pinterest pins

Blog post original pictures – photographer


3. TikTok Product Influencer

Are you capable of shooting videos on your smartphone? I assume you can. What if I said you could create a TikTok account, shoot 10 to 15 second videos explaining interesting products, and get paid. Would you be interested?

If your answer is yes, let’s proceed. Opening a TikTok account is free. However, spending time making videos is not. You need to create a short script, take a video and then edit. It is a process.

Could there be rewards to this process? “Abso-dido-lutely,” said my inner Ned Flanders.

If you are familiar with Amazon Associates, what you could do is be an affiliate marketer. Create a TikTok account that advertises interesting Amazon products. People love Amazon. If you can convince a viewer to purchase a product, Amazon will pay commissions. 

Do your research beforehand, of course. Depending on what country you are in, the Amazon Associates program may differ.

Amigos, these are some suggestions I have come up with while drinking way too much coffee. I hope this information can lead you down the road of success.

Remember, there is no substitute for hard work and dedication. 

And also remember that sharing is caring.

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