3 of the best affiliate programs 

By Trevor. H   –   November, 3, 2021

Updated on May 19 of 2023

It is no secret that publishers, content creators and so forth have been making solid monthly income with affiliate programs.

When creating great content online, many publishers are left with the challenge of creating a monetization strategy. One of the best ways is through the vast amounts of affiliate programs that are on the market. 

What is an affiliate program?

Business A pays business B to promote their products or services. When a sale is made, business B is paid by a commission. 

There are many different types of programs on the market and due diligence will need to take place when working with businesses. 

In this article, we will go over 3 programs to see if they’re a good fit for your business. 

With an abundance of different niches populating the online world, let’s try to find an affiliate program for you. Our cup of tea here at Make Dinero Baby is jobs, investing, marketing, which allows us to have many options. We’ll discuss that a little later. Let’s go. 


Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers that allows users to access a community where they can advertise their skills and services. 

When you browse the site, it is apparent that people’s success is driven by their review score. But we’re not talking about reaching success on Fiverr, we’re discussing them as an affiliate program to use to make money. 

Here on our website, we use Fiverr as an affiliate and the commission plan we have is structured as follows –  15-150 CPA, which means that depending on what service a sale is made on, our company will receive anywhere from 15-150 dollars in commision. 

There are other types of commission plans. Our team has spent countless hours researching affiliates, and we decided that a CPA plan would suffice. 

Due to our site focussing primarily on remote jobs, we added resume services to our site with Fiverr affiliate links. There is a direct relation between job seekers and resume creation. It’s a good fit for us. 

We will not list remote jobs and post affiliate links for apple pies. That wouldn’t make sense, but it could cause hunger. 

The predicament we face on our site is that the Fiverr professionals we are linking to mainly speak English. Our website is multilingual with English and Spanish users. Good thing for Google translate. 


Amazon Associates

This program from Amazon Associates helps publishers and content creators earn money from their site or page traffic. 

If you’ve never heard of Amazon, perhaps you’ve awakened from a coma. Amazon is now bigger than Walmart and is the largest online retailer on the planet. In the U.S, Amazon Prime has over 150 million members, which entails a lot of Chinese factories being very busy from Monday to Sunday. 

If your site or page is a direct reflection of a product, the Amazon Affiliate program would be ideal. 

Many bloggers, content creators, and influencers prefer to focus on their work and they have limited time to sell their own products. With working as an affiliate to leverage their audience, they can monetize in such a fashion.

Reading some online reviews about the program, we viewed complaints that commissions are quite low, and we also read that it’s a great program with high potential for revenue. 

Look, 5 dollars for a commission could be low for one person but decent for the other. I would definitely not complain about receiving commissions for posting some online content with an attached affiliate link. Afterall, that’s the business.  

The key is making that 3 or 5 dollar commission 10x a month or 100x a month. Now we’re talkin’. 

For us at the website, aiming to incorporate Amazon affiliate programs is not ideal as our users are from various different countries. 

Example – to be an Amazon associate for Mexico, our business would need a Mexican tax number which entails a lot of proof that is presently not possible. 

However, if you live in Mexico or let’s say Spain and all your website traffic is coming from your home country, this is an ideal situation. There is a lot less logistics, and supporting documentation.

Here at the website our users are from the U.S, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, etc. An account from all these countries is doable, but it will not be an overnight accomplishment, that’s for sure. 

If you’re in it to win it, you can proceed to Amazon Associates for more information.



Founded in ‘98, ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces there is. They support around six million clients.

When researching affiliate programs online, stumbling across information about this platform will be reached as they’ve been in the game since for many years.

Browsing through the site, you’ll see everything from educational services to products. The site has a plethora of affiliate products/links you can attach to your content and hopefully earn commissions. 

What we notice about Clickbank is what we just mentioned – It has too many products to choose from. What we dislike is that the site appears outdated and some of the affiliate products don’t  give us the feeling of trust. 

The last event we would want is that one of our users makes a purchase and doesn’t receive it or they receive an unsatisfactory product. This would look bad on our end and we would lose users this way. As an affiliate, you are recommending the product, and nobody wants a bad referral. 

Our company is not in the business to make a quick buck. We’re in it for the long term and losing trust with our audience would be tragic.


When users decide on affiliate programs to implement into their site, do what’s right for the user. 

I would not suggest adding links as if you’re a kid in a candy store. Customers are savvy shoppers and if they notice an unprofessional appearing website, they will continue to another site or back to their Instagram.   

Competition is fierce. Not only must you provide value for your users, but keeping an eye on the market and what things cost is important. 

Adding many links to your website takes away from the attention of the publisher’s content. There needs to be a solid collaboration between content and product. 

Some publishers don’t insist on adding advertisements to their site. Others dislike the appearance of affiliate links. 

One thing is for certain – Rent, mortgages and electricity aren’t free. We all need to make that dinero, baby.

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