3 online jobs that anyone could do

Updated by Trev.H July 26/2022

Tired of working the 9-5 grind? Here is some useful information to get you started in a remote job. Here is a list of work from home jobs.

1. Online Teacher

I, myself, have been teaching English online for a few years. I started off by teaching to beginners, and now I teach people from any age group. Sometime the classes are on verb tenses, phrasal verbs. But I prefer to have conversational classes. This is when students speak at a more advanced level.

I started off my online teaching career by keeping my prices low, and in time, I started receiving reviews. This is when I started raising my prices. With online work, it is all about credibility.

The pay range you could expect as an online tutor is anywhere from 5 dollars per class up to 30 dollars and beyond.

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2. Digital Marketing

Let’s accept it, everybody is on social media these days. Even my mom just started using social media a few months ago, and she is hooked. I notice that she hits the like button for everything though, and it is super annoying. LOL. Sorry for that, moving on. If this is where your consumers are, this is where we need to advertise.

Lucky for us, there are many big and small companies who hate computers, and phones, and social media. But they understand it is where potential buyers are.

If you have ever boosted an ad on Facebook or Instagram, you can make money from it. It will definitely take some time to get started and find clients, but once you do, it could be a great career. Like everything in life, we must put the time in to achieve the main goal, which is making dinero baby.

You could expect to make anywhere from 10 dollars an hour and up to 100. It really depends on how well you do.

Work From Anywhere

3. Life Coaching

Excuse me, life coaching? Yes, you can make money online by helping people through difficult time. You don’t need a fancy degree to talk with people and put a smile on their face. What you do need, however, is Skype, Zoom and the ability to receive money.

If you’re a good person with super big heart, you can put it to work and make people’s days a little bit brighter. And in turn, your day will also be better because you can earn anywhere from 10 dollars an hour and up.

To me this is an excellent job. You can help people, you can work in your pyjamas. You could even disguise a beer in a coffee cup if you like, which I do sometimes when I teach English.

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