3 Online Jobs that pay 50k or more in 2021

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October 10, 2021 – By Trev. H

Many people assume working online or remotely doesn’t come with a decent wage, which is quite the contrary. 2021 and into the future is and will be perhaps the best time to find that remote or online job you desire. 

Here are 3 online jobs that you can make 50k or more per year. Some also come with benefits such as making your own schedule. Because not waking up at 5:30 a.m is a great perk for many.

The demand from online job to online job can vary depending on your market. Pick something that works for you, your lifestyle and demographic.

1. Virtual Assistant

Only a few years ago it seemed that becoming a virtual assistant was a job title too good to be true.  V.As handle some emails, schedule meetings. Is there more to it than that? 

Here are some other responsibilities of a superhero. Sorry, I meant a virtual assistant. 

  • Creating spreadsheets
  • Organize accommodations for the boss 
  • Organizing accommodations incorrectly for your boss if he’s a jerk (terrible advice)
  • Manage calendars
  • Sometimes providing customer service

Aside from your responsibilities, here are some advantages of the job.

  • You can work from the cafe, fulfilling your coffee addiction simultaneously.
  • Work from home. Use your own washroom and not some nasty company toilet.
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of dinero to start up.
  • You’re the boss!

While this is great and all, how much money can I accept to earn as a virtual assistant, you asked? 

To start off, you’re probably looking at the 15 dollar per hour range, but once you become a superhero in your industry, it could only be a matter of time before you hit the 50K mark.

According to many articles online, a multitude of businesses of different sizes require virtual assistants.


2. Web designer

We have all been there. At one time or another, we’ve thought about starting some type of business. Well, if it’s an online business or even a brick and mortar business, we will most definitely need a website built.

Sure, we could use some platform where the website and template is already built for its users, but what if you want to make something terrific, amazing, unique.

I, myself, use WordPress for business, and it’s not very cheap to say the least. The reason for this is because I can upload plug-ins to my site which helps my business grow, and also, I am not a designer. I am insufficient in coding on a professional level.

In 2021, if you can meet the right clients, whether through FB groups, freelancer sites and so forth, you could make a killing. People need a website that stands out from the crowd. Competition is fierce and if you can bring a solid portfolio to the table, it’s game time. 

Some responsibilities of being a web designer include –

  • Registering domains and managing the hosting of the site
  • Designing graphics
  • Meeting with clients to discuss the project requirements
  • Drinking excessive amounts of coffee to stay awake while focussed on a computer screen for countless hours

Advantages of being a web designer

  • You can work alone, sometimes in your pyjamas
  • Many designers earn an impressive salary of up to 50k a year
  • Many employers require sufficient designers (There’s demand)


3. ECommerce – Owner or Employed

This is where it gets super exciting. Why? Because there is no cap on this business. The possibilities of making dinero as an entrepreneur are endless. 

If you are motivated, and you know how to sell better than a used car salesman, this could be the ideal online job or business for you. 

Let’s take affiliate marketing for example. You advertise and sell someone else’s product or service, you receive a commission. Great – or is it?

Become a dropshipper. With countless YouTube and TikTok tutorial videos online that educate the public on how to sell online, why not give it a whirl. Who knows, it could work. 

A customer orders a product from your site, and it gets delivered from a distributor in China, Bangladesh (basically a country where everything is cheap as hell.)  You receive a healthy profit. 

However, if you’re in the business to receive a stable income, you could find jobs with employers like Shopify, who are huge in the market and are known to provide stable jobs.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer the 9-5 remote office job. It is stable, you can receive benefits. You can also leverage your employment with the bank to acquire loans to buy property and get more credit – something that can be more difficult as a new business owner. 

Furthermore, another great advantage of ecommerce as an entrepreneur is that the startup costs can be minimal, which can free up some capital to invest in marketing, because we all know a business without marketing is, well, nothing.  


Do something that you enjoy and you’re sufficient in. If you enjoy it, you will progress. If you’re only thinking about dollar signs, and that’s your main motivation, be careful. You could burn out. 

Is working for yourself as an entrepreneur better than working for an employer? That depends on the person. At times, people over-procrastinate about creating a business and never even begin. In that case, have a boss who pays you weekly. Even if he, she, non-binary, is a jerk

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