3 work from home jobs that pay up to 100k in 2021

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October, 14, 2021

Update on May 19 of 2023

I’m Trevor H. Remote jobs and money tips are my thing. 

The desired 50k to 100k a year. A realistic dream of many. The amount of which most could live comfortably on. Since covid began, the world has changed its tune from working the office grind in a suit over to working from home in pyjamas. 

In this blog, we will discuss three work from home jobs that can pay up to 100k a year, and change your dinnertime menu from Kraft dinner to spaghetti and meatballs. Let’s go, amigos.


1. Writer

If your use of English grammar is sufficient, you can consider being a writer as a career choice. Through many online searches, whether it be YouTube, TikTok, we have encountered many work from home jobs as blogger, copywriter and so forth.

Many complain that as a freelance writer it takes some time to get your feet off the ground and begin making dinero. Well, unless you start selling ice cream then most freelance jobs take some time to get started. 

However you could also apply for a permanent role at the vast amount of companies who require content writers for their businesses, as they would sometimes prefer to have their own writers from North/ South America, Europe, etc, rather than hiring out to India. 

If you are a native speaker of the English language, you will always have an advantage with regards to being a writer. It’s an advantage you can capitalise on as search engines such as Google uses English as their primary language.

Although with being a freelance writer you can make 75k a year, you shouldn’t expect that right out of the gate. You will definitely have to put in the work, and many writer’s blocks, to get to that point. 

Some advantages of being a writer

  • You can start out as a writer as a freelancer/side hustle
  • Writers can schedule their day to their liking
  • It’s pretty chill. You can work next to a window without anyone bugging you
  • No formal education is required to become a writer


2. Social media manager

For real, you can make mucho dinero as a social media manager? Absolutely. Many companies simply don’t have the time nor manpower to run their own social media campaigns. Thus, they hire freelancers to put together a digital strategy to bring their business/brand to the market.

For this blog, I spend countless hours sharing my content on social media. If I had someone doing it full-time, who knows the exposure my website would get. 

Being a social media manager comes with responsibilities such as –

  • Promotional strategies
  • Engagement strategy
  • Working with graphic designers
  • Analysing data
  • Managing the online presence of the company

There are different levels in which you could be a social media manager as a work from home job. You can start off as a freelancer on many of the freelancer sites, helping small businesses. 

After killing it for a year or two, you either continue as a freelancer or get hired permanently by a major ecommerce company, brick and mortar company, etc.

Another key benefit to this profession is that if you decide to start your own business, you can use your experience to run digital marketing campaigns. 

The average salary for a social media manager is just over 75k per year. 


3. Software engineer

What does a software engineer do? They use their know-how of engineering, computer science and mathematics to test, edit and fix problems. 

Software engineers have knowledge of programming language, computer operating systems, and they use these principles of engineering to create software.

The average salary for a software engineer is over 110k in the United States, making it an ideal work from home job. And is it possible to be an engineer as a remote job? Absolutely. Most people work at the highest level when they’re comfortable. Most people work best in their pyjamas or shorts. 

If you enjoy problem solving, being a software engineer could be the profession for you. Software engineers are in high demand due to the skill level that’s required. 

Here are some pros of being a software engineer –

  • Rate of pay is super high
  • Work from anywhere in the world, which is pretty darn awesome
  • Comfortable working environment (pyjamas)
  • You can be creative

If one of these jobs is for you, perfect. Work hard, get dedicated and the rest is history. If you enjoyed the read, feel free to share it with friends, and family.

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