3 Work from home jobs that pay well in 2021

October 11,2021

I’m Trevor H. I write about remote jobs, money tips and whatever comes to my mind as I stare at an empty Google Docs page at 8 in the morning.

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In 2021 and into the future, there is no shortage of work from home jobs. They come with one particular benefit. What is it, you asked? Well, it’s working from home or wherever you have internet, electricity and your device. Let’s go!

In this blog, we will go over 3 remote, work from home jobs that pay well. 

Different people suit different jobs. Whether you’d like to be a social media influencer and display your knowledge or to be a digital marketer to tap into the Google network, here are three remote jobs that will always be in demand. 

1. Recruiter

Take this site for example – makedinerobaby.com – employers post remote jobs and the user could apply. Considering that the administration of this website wanted to use it  as a place to recruit workers for certain companies, it’s certainly possible. However, we here at the site are not a recruitment company. 

What is stopping you from starting your own recruitment site or getting into recruitment as a job? The demand of this industry is endless. There will always be a need for employees and employers will always be seeking professionals. 

According to countless hours of research that I’ve compiled (a quick Google Search), the average recruiter can make anywhere from 30k a year all the way up to 200k. Which makes me wonder why the heck I’m wasting time writing blogs. 

How to get into recruiting as an entrepreneur – 

  • Start a website with WordPress and attract candidates to your site
  • Require that they upload a sufficient resume
  • Communicate with candidates and employers

If you’re adequate at sales and have a strong presence with regards to communication, this could be a great fit for you. 

Whether you desire working for a company or being a business owner, the options here are exciting. Just imagine being a recruiter for Tech, finance, marketing. Boom! The money could be rolling in faster than a freight train. I like the sound of that. Let’s go. 


2. Tutor

Do you attain certain skills that you can teach such as math, science, coding or even language?

Everyone has something that they can teach. In terms of remote jobs and work from home jobs, there are a plethora of sites where you can showcase your skills and make dinero. 

If you’re an auto mechanic, you can start a YouTube channel and monetise. If coding is your thing, you can promote your classes in more places than one could think. A single mother? Help single fathers become more awesomer. Dang, I need to improve my written grammar skills. Perhaps I could find a tutor for that. 

People assume that based on your experience, you could charge more money, and find more customers. Nowadays, if you add your profile to the various freelancer sites, anything could happen. Complete unpredictability. 

I’ve stumbled upon the freelance job profile of “Life Coach,” and these freelancers sometimes charge 40 dollars per session. 

Do these people have credentials and degrees, and does anybody care? Elon Musk seems to think that college and university is not needed to become successful. However, there is one online element that is perhaps more powerful than any degree, the key to remote job success is reviews

Get your butt onto these freelancing sites, build relationships and get reviews. The money could pour in faster than if Bella Poarch opened an Only Fans page. 

Advantages of being a tutor

  • No travel time – Only from the kitchen to get your coffee and back to your office
  • You can teach from anywhere in world – Like Bali, Indonesia or Medellin, Colombia
  • Flexible schedule – If you’re not an early bird, you can can start after lunch, but then you probably won’t get the worm

Private tutors can charge anywhere from 15 dollars and up. It’s noted that some tutors can make over 30 dollars an hour, which isn’t too shabby. Let’s go.


3. Insurance agent

In the online world of dreaming about glamorous jobs we aspire to do, such as travel vlogging or Instagram model, why not do something that people simply need, require. Nobody enjoys paying for insurance but it’s highly necessary. 

Being a remote worker and expat, there was a 2 month stretch where I did not have health insurance. Let’s just say my anxiety level was reaching its peak. At that time, if someone was to send me an email, selling insurance for travellers, I probably would have bit. I’m not one to be sold on anything, but when it comes to health, it’s vital. 

If your country of residence is the United States, Canada, etc, find out how you can legally sell insurance as a remote specialist/agent. Then the real dreaming can begin. 

Imagine selling an insurance policy while relaxing on a beach. People assume this is not possible. As if all the online ads that display someone working from their laptop and making money from a beach is always some scammy sales pitch. 

Truth is, it is 100 percent possible to make income from a tropical Thailand beach, as you enjoy a cold Chang beer and some ladyboys- Let’s just stop it right there and move forward with the work from home job info. 

What you will need to be a remote insurance specialist –

  • A high school diploma 
  • The licenses required by your region
  • Passing appropriate examinations
  • Computer with headset
  • Sales experience

A remote insurance agent for a company can expect to earn anywhere from around 20 dollars all the way up to 50 dollars an hour. If you are self-employed as a remote worker, it will depend on how hard you work. 

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