5 Reasons Not To Live in Canada

By Negative Trev

Regarded as one of the best countries in the world to live, Canada has enjoyed this stellar reputation for many years now. As a Canadian myself, I agree that Canada could be a great country to live and work in, but let’s not fool ourselves, as every country has advantages and disadvantages. Today, I feel negative. Let’s do this, amigos!

5 Reasons Not To Live in Canada

  1. You could freeze to death

There are certain times in the winter that the temperature drops to -30 degrees. This means that if you were to somehow lose all your clothes, you would be off to heaven in a few minutes.

If you think I am joking, I assure you that I am not. This is one of the reasons I moved to Colombia in South America. It is hotter and I smile more.   

Not only is Canada frigid in the winter, this climate could cause depression because it is basically like living in a hell that has frozen over. 

Imagine this, you wake up a t 6 a.m to go to work. You need to turn on your car 20 minutes before you use it. Why? Because it is one big frozen piece of metal. If it snowed then you need to push all of the snow from your car and scrape the ice off of it as well. Sounds like fun? The novelty of snow, cold, and winter would grow old after only a couple weeks of living in Canada.

It is so freezing in Canada, that you can’t really tell how people even look, their appearances. People require so much clothing in the winter that you can’t tell whether they are attractive, overweight, thin or even a human for that matter. Aliens from other planets could easily live in Canada and disguise themselves, in the winter.

How are you enjoying this blog so far? Pretty negative,eh. I am only beginning. 

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  1. The Cost of living is ridiculous 

Would you like to spend ten bucks on some lettuce? Well, Canada is the right choice for you. Now, because of inflation and let’s also say, corporate greed, Canada is one of the most expensive countries to live in on the planet.

“Oh, but I thought Canada was this great, organized country.” Well yeah, it’s organized, and if being organized is very important to you, then you can enjoy paying perhaps most of your monthly income to live here. 

Just a few months ago, I was in Canada for business, and to get an Uber only to go a few minutes down the street, cost over 10 dollars. 

“Canada is a huge country, they must have great food.” While Canada is the second biggest country on earth, it does not mean we have the best or healthiest food out there.

On my recent trip back to Canada, I found that the eggs were very expensive and they basically had no flavor. 

The great thing about being able to travel to different countries is that I can compare. When I compare the flavor of food from Colombia in South America to that of Canada, I must say that it is pretty disappointing. Canadian food lacks flavour. This has to be a consequence of corporate greed and how they control the food industry in North America. If eating quality food is important to you, do not live in Canada. 

  1. Traffic

“Finally, you immigrated to Canada and you found a job.” All your problems have been solved. I am truly happy for you. Lol. 

We have a saying in Toronto, “It takes people one hour to drive from Toronto to Toronto. “What this means is that the traffic is terrible and cars do not move. One time I needed to drive from Oakville to Burlington, which is a ten minute drive without traffic, and it took me 2 hours. That was 2 hours of my life wasted, thrown out the window, adios 2 hours. 

If you plan to immigrate or live in Canada, yes, own a car, but get a Spotify subscription to listen to great music and keep yourself entertained because trust me, you’ll need it. (This is not an ad for Spotify. I am too cheap to pay for that stuff.)

Not only is traffic caused by too many people on the roads, but for some crazy reason, much of the road construction is conducted during the day and not at night, which causes even more traffic congestion. If you are not a patient person, you may experience road rage when submerged in traffic. “Breathe my friend, breathe.”

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  1. Canada is boring

Half of the year is cold and freezing in Canada, which means that you will be indoors most of the time. Most Canadians go to the gym in the winter because there is really not much else to do. Honestly, the gym is not really a place to have fun, you are there to exercise and exercising sucks. 

Yes, you can meet people and make friends at the gym, but Canadians are also boring. Canadians enjoy talking about maple syrup, grizzly bears and hockey. So if you are from a country that is, well, interesting, Canada will be very boring for you and you may turn back and return to your home country, even if there, you were broke. 

A typical weekend in Canada consists of staying home and watching television. Life is so expensive in Canada that the cheapest thing to do is watch t.v. If you enjoy eating pizza and watching television for the rest of your life, then living or immigrating to Canada is a terrific option. 

Most people are so exhausted from working 40 or 50 hours per week, that watching t.v and relaxing is all that they have enough energy to do. But do not fear, Canada has produced some of the greatest television shows and series in the world, such as…….. I am still thinking. They have hockey. 

  1. Work

“Mommy, I am living in Canada now and I work in a factory.” 

While there is nothing wrong with this, and you can actually earn good money in a factory, try explaining this to the thousands of people who immigrated to Canada as doctors and skilled workers, as they were in their home countries.

If people assume that because they were skilled and highly educated workers in their home countries, that they will enter Canada and easily find a career in their field. Hahaha, good luck, amigos. Lower your expectations. 

Canada does accept many new immigrants every year, but that doesn’t mean all of your problems are going to be solved immediately upon arrival. 

There are many educated Canadian citizens that were born in Canada that, also, cannot find their ideal job. I have met many Canadians over the years that have struggled to make a decent, living salary. Canada operates as a business. Schools, colleges, and universities in Canada do not care whether you find your dream job or not. They only want your cash. 

If you do not have good connections in Canada, life can surely be a struggle. 

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Canada is a country that people move to for work, not for enjoyment. You never hear about people choosing to live in Canada that come from developed countries like Australia or let’s say Denmark. 

I have met many people from Colombia and Malta that try to live in Canada but after some time, they run back to where they came from. They realize that life is not only about money, but about how they spend their time.

Alot of Canadians that I know who are 50 years or older brag about how much money they have, but they have a terrible relationship with their kids, wife, husband, you understand.

I enjoy my time in the sun, in the warmth, all year long, and eating quality food, smiling. Man, that was a long sentence.

Yes, if you are broke, with no credit and no hope, Canada would be a good option. Perhaps you could work in a factory with grumpy Canadians or you could work in the oil and gas industry. 

I would rather sell empanadas on the street as a gringo in Colombia and live in a small apartment, and be happy.  

I hope this blog was really negative and that your smile has disappeared. 

If you decide to share this blog, honestly, whatever.