A simple guide for Internet Marketing 

Internet marketing strategy

Updated by Peter H. July, 12, 2022

Marketing is something we see everyday whether we notice it or not. It’s ingrained into our society. When visiting a store, you see fancy products wrapped in bold red colors. Some people will notice it and think, “How pretty,” when in reality it was a marketer’s plan to make the color red catch your attention.

Everything about internet marketing is about grabbing the user’s attention and keeping them engaged. Look at YouTube for example – It is widely common that publishers will start creating content based on their thumbnail and video title. So before a script has been written and the video has been shot and edited, the method of initially grabbing the viewer’s eye is strategy number one.

When I first heard of this strategy, I furrowed my brow in thought, but the more I used YouTube, it made clear sense. The most popular creators with thousands or millions of subscribers and views have eye-catching thumbnails. 

The creators I enjoy watching frequently had clear, colorful, engaging thumbnails that at times their videos couldn’t match up to. But with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and an ice cold soda in my palm, I clicked onto the video, and enjoyed it. I sat through some Google Adsense ads and sometimes, paid promotions in the video. The publisher’s internet marketing strategy was successful. 

Look at Graham Stephan for example. His YouTube channel has over 3.5 million subscribers and he himself is a millionaire. If you search through some of his thumbnails, he has his jaw dropped, with interesting graphics and an engaging title. Even for people who are not interested in stocks, he can create a thumbnail and title that will have you slightly interested. He knows the secret recipe to capture the click. And that is what internet marketing is all about – the click

Scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, Google Search, Facebook, getting the user’s attention is strategy number one. The user’s attention span is faster than a fat kid in a candy store. It needs to be stopped.


Many publishers use a method called “click baiting,” which is totally uncool but understood. 

A publisher will create a captivating title that is tempting visually for the user to click on. Imagine seeing the video title “4 Cats swim with a Shark,” only to watch a video of four cats swimming with a big fish, not a shark. That’s clickbait, and if you watched the video to completion, the publisher did their job well. Their online marketing strategy is sneaky, but sneaky is not illegal. Sometimes being sneaky makes a lot of money. 

Look at used car salesmen for instance. They use some of the sneakiest tactics imaginable, but always acting legally because the written and signed contract is what is liable in court. The four corners of what is in that sale contract is what is legally binding, and what the salesmen says verbally may not hold up in court. Meaning they can exaggerate to their heart’s content about how awesome a vehicle is, even though it’s a piece of junk. And when we compare car salesmen using unethical tactics to a YouTuber using clickbait to get the user to watch a slightly misleading video, is it really that bad? You can be the judge of that.

Moving forward. The amount of people using the internet is vast. In 2021, it is stated that around 4.6 billion people will use the internet. That is almost everybody on the panet or just over three times the population of China. 

Is internet marketing only about social media? Absolutely not. 

There is email marketing, websites and search engines like Google. There is no shortage of ways to market one’s product or brand. The key here is understanding which method is best for your business, the most effective way of marketing is found through testing. 

For us here at Make Dinero Baby, we are all about social media and search engines. However, in time, we will utilize an email marketing strategy as well. That is what’s exciting about internet marketing. You can test the waters and after some tests and evaluations, you can plan accordingly. 


For website publishers and bloggers, creating a social media campaign based on video capture may be uncomfortable as not everyone enjoys being in front of a camera. In this case, there is nothing wrong with sharing links to your blog posts or website on Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook, many publishers join groups where they can post their content to an audience. If accepted by the admin of that group, many users will have the chance to view your content. However, sometimes posts will not be accepted by the group admin. In this case, engaging with other users in the comments section can lead to a publisher sharing links to their content. This method of internet marketing has been around for a long time and can be highly effective, but also time consuming.  

On Instagram, you can share your content through memes, pictures, videos with hopes of driving people to your website or page though the link in the bio of the profile page. 

With social media becoming increasingly popular, many publishers find it unnecessary to own a website. Having their social media channels alone is sufficient enough. Just remember, you don’t own those channels. You should, however, own your website.

If you’re a blogger, ecommerce store owner, dropshipper you will need your own website. Instagram and Facebook are not popular platforms for this type of use. Though you can sell items on these platforms. 

Linkedin has capabilities where you can share a blog article and then easily link it to your website page. 

Instagram stories allows the viewer to link directly to their website, which is also super cool.

The amount of ways to market your business online is endless. Just go for it and enjoy the ride. If you enjoyed the blog, sharing it would be super cool.