Affiliate programs For Language Leaners

8th June 2022

By Peter H.

Here we are, thinking about ways to make money online. As we spend countless hours watching social media, and influencers discussing the many ways to make money online, affiliate marketing and programs always join the conversation.

What if we live in North America, South America, Spain? What are the options to make money online with affiliate programs? Well, it is not so much about what programs are out there, but more about how you advertise them. If you have a certain level of enthusiasm pointed at one particular niche, perfect. 

For instance, let’s look at Spanish speakers for example. I mean how many countries are out there where Spanish is the main spoken language. Too many to count without a map, that is certain. 

What is something that Spanish speakers may need to improve the level of income that they desire. It could be digital products on marketing, financing, and more. 

Being in the making money online space for quite some time now, I have noticed one thing that Spanish speakers are passionate about, languages. 

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Spanish is a romantic language. Shakira, Marc Anthony, people love latin culture. 

Why not start a YouTube channel teaching your language? Why not start an IG or a TikTok page teaching Spanish? With the amount of people on this planet interested in what Jay Balvin, Maluma or Jessi Uribe are saying, perhaps creating your own educational website with affiliate programs might be a great idea to generate income. 

Let us go a step further, what if you are a Spanish speaker who also speaks English to a good degree. You can now attract even more viewers and students to your page because you can easily translate certain words and sentences. It is no secret that knowing more than one language can be of great benefit to anyone, especially when it comes to business. 

Well, what are some affiliate programs where I can earn commissions for teaching languages.

  1. Preply
  2. Italki
  3. Cambly

Not only can you teach on these platforms, but you can also earn money online when you send students to these platforms and they sign up to available affiliate programs. 

If you are primarily focused on only sending people to sign up through your affiliate links, then that is a great option because you are not trading time for money. 

For instance, a one hour class cost 15 dollars. How many of those classes can you do a day before you become exhausted, 5?

Though teaching 5 hours is still a productive day, your earnings are almost at capacity per day.

With affiliate marketing, there is no capacity, meaning you could make 5 dollars a day, 500 dollars a day and to the moon. It all depends on your affiliate marketing strategy and perhaps a little bit of luck also helps. 

If you are a creative person, you should be able to find a way to attract people to your page and have them become regular visitors to your website, channel or social media page. Once you build trust with your viewers and educate them, eventually they could click on your affiliate links. 

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Well, how much can I earn with these affiliate programs?

Preply claims you can make a 70% commission on the first lesson you bring over to their site or you can make up to 170$ for every approved tutor, depending on the demand for the subject. 

Language learning has become more and more popular year over year. Look at the English language for example. It is seemingly becoming the global language for people to communicate. 

Preply appears to be the biggest player in this space. I know many people who have used the platform to either take lessons or to teach lessons. 

Italki. As we do a little research online with this platform, it states that when a student makes purchases up to 20 dollars U.S, the affiliate will receive 10 dollars in commission. 

10 dollars doesn’t make it look as if the affiliate marketer will be rich any time soon, but what if your site or page becomes increasingly popular over time. Not only can you make a lot of money with affiliate programs, but you could also make your own language course and increase your income that way. 

When it comes to monetizing a successful page with many viewers, the sky’s the limit. 

Cambly. Become a Cambly Ambassador. Heading over to their site, we see that if you successfully refer a student over to Cambly and they spend 30 dollars on the site, the referrer will make 30 dollars. 

That is not a bad deal at all. 

Just to be clear, we here at Dinero Remoto are not working with any of these companies. We are simply trying to find quality information that can help people make money with affiliate programs. 

In this article, we chose to go over platforms where you can earn affiliate commissions through language learning, why? As we mentioned earlier, people are interested in what brings people together. What brings people together the most, talking, conversations. If I can go to Colombia and speak Spanish to the pretty lady serving my coffee, I am ok with that. 

The great thing about affiliate programs is that there are many of them out there. 

Again, what do you think you would do well at when it comes to marketing. What subject, what niche? 

Do you enjoy the gym and you are fit? You can market protein powder. 

Are you an accountant and you are good with numbers? A digital book on financing.

You see where this is going. It is not just about profiting, it is more about what you can market. If people accept what you are promoting. 

Once you figure that part out, you can make money with affiliate programs, sponsors, your own digital products and more. 

Enjoy the ride. If you enjoyed the blog, share it with an amigo. Thanks!

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