Affiliate programs with high commissions (Up to 1000 dollars per sale)

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Making up to 1000k of commission per transaction with an affiliate program is nothing short of spectacular. For some people, this sounds too good to be true. But there is nothing false about making sales and earning high affiliate program commissions. 

Let’s take a look at many professional industries outside of the online spectrum. When a sale is made on certain items, big ticket items, commissions can reach 1000k, 2000k, 10000k. You get my drift. It is no different online. If you have the gift of making sales, you can earn high affiliate commissions with many of the programs that are offered. 

The key is matching your published content to what you plan to sell. For instance, if you have a website that is based on pets, it may be extremely difficult to find affiliate programs in that industry that pays high commissions. 

When writing a blog about stocks and trading, there are many affiliate programs you’ll be able to incorporate into your content. For instance, an amazing article has been completed about the best stock trading platforms online. And due to the fact you are a stock trader yourself who uses, let’s say, the stock trading application Robin Hood, you may recommend that platform to your readers simply because it’s sufficient, and also, if they offer an affiliate program. 

To kill two birds with one stone, the famous proverb. Not only are we recommending a product that could bring great value to our readers, we’re also receiving the one thing we desire the most; Not food, love, sleep. You guessed it – Money. 


Nowadays there are certain reasons that people are online – Social media, dating, videos, communication, but out of those four things mentioned, the most valuable reason people are online is the number five reason – To do research on making money, finding jobs, prospering. 

I spend about ten to twelve hours a day in front of a computer screen and it’s not to look at cute pictures of cats. Ok, well sometimes it is. I am on the computer to build relationships, bring value to readers and followers, and last but not least, to convert them into a frequent user of our brand.

Before we jump into the list of high paying affiliate programs, let’s recap what affiliate programs are.

A business will pay a publisher a commission for marketing their products or services. When a sale is made through a publisher’s content with an affiliate link, the business will pay out the agreed commission. 

How convenient. You don’t even need to sell your own products and the amount of risk is minimal. Imagine waiting a month to receive a truckload of bulk goods from overseas to sell. Well, forget about waiting, you can join the vast amounts of affiliate programs on the market and just go for it. 

Build relations, build your brand, sell stuff. Here are – 

Three affiliate programs with high commissions

  • WP Engine
  • Wix
  • HubSpot

1. WP Engine 

You can earn commissions by recommending WP Engine and themes to your audience. They offer aggressive commission, meaning the more customers you bring to the platform the more recurring revenue you can earn. 

Many people using WP Engine are also searching for themes to add to their projects. These can also be used to earn affiliate commissions.

It is no secret that a large percentage of sites online are built on WordPress. They offer incredibly efficient hosting services. 

By advertising their plans, you can make 200 dollars a sign up. To get the exact details, visit the site.


2. Wix

Not as famous as WordPress, but definitely on the radar is Wix. They have over 200,000,000 global users creating sites on its platform.

Wix will give affiliate marketers the tools needed to advertise products. The conversion rates for premium plans are solid. Earning high commissions with Wix is possible.

If your published content is related to building a simple website that is easy to use, Wix could be the right affiliate to work with.

I used Wix many years ago to create a website for a client, and it was quite simple. I prefer using WordPress in general, but it all depends on the type of website a publisher aspires to build, and the budget that needs to be taken into account. 

As affiliate agreements can change without notice, visit the Wix affiliate page for up to date information and agreements

3. HubSpot

Let’s start by stating that the average commission payout in 2020 with HubSpot’s affiliate program was 276 dollars. That sum will definitely incentivize a publisher to create compelling content to advertise their affiliate links.

Another notable mention is that for the remainder of 2021, HubSpot is paying to drive free users to their site. If a user simply registers to HubSpot as a free registrant, the publisher will be paid. 

In my opinion, this is how affiliate marketing should be done. How many publishers continue to advertise another site/business, but don’t receive commission? The fact that a user’s eyes went from the publisher’s site to an affiliate link, clicks on it and opens a new window – is a gain for the affiliate. It is attention.

In terms of percentages, users rarely make a purchase through an affiliate link. However, many times they will browse through the affiliate’s site, and register for free. The marketer/publisher should be compensated for that. 

Unfortunately the online world is full of bots and programs. Understandably, I can see why this practice is unpopular with affiliate programs. Nonetheless, this is an intriguing strategy on behalf of HubSpot. 

To sum things up – 
Do the research. Create compelling content. Recommend your affiliate if they are worth recommending, and please share the blog. This helps us out alot. Thanks.