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Email marketing

By Trevor H. – November, 8, 2021

No matter what type of business you’re in, Email marketing can bring great rewards. It has been around since the start of the internet. Email marketing is a terrific way to engage with potential customers, turn them into regular customers and earn what’s on the minds of most. Money. 

What is Email marketing?

It is marketing that is done through email. Blog complete. All jokes aside, Email marketing is a digital strategy that helps connect business owners with potential clients, customers, etc. 

Isn’t Email marketing dead?

Well, the answer to this question lies in your hand. How many times per day is your phone in the palm of your hand? Do you check your email during this time? If you said that you never check your email, I’d assume you’re lying.

I check my gmail as if it’s a bad habit. I must confess that I view my gmail over 50 times a day, whether I have a notification or not. There is something slightly exciting about opening my gmail and looking through it. It gives me temporary pleasure. What contacts will reach out to me today? Will I receive good news or no news at all? No matter what, I will confirm it by checking my gmail. 

If people have a computer, smartphone or tablet, they have email. With that said, you can be sure that companies and advertisers will want to enter that valuable digital real estate and attempt to convert their leads to customers – The primary goal of all companies. 

How do I start Email marketing?

  1. Using a website, create epic, mind blowing content 
  1. Add an opt-in subscriber widget or form to website
  1. Build your list

Now that you’re working on the difficult part, which is creating content and driving traffic to your website, you can begin researching Email marketing services. 


Many creators may be asking the question,”Can’t I just send an email newsletter with my Gmail or Email?” Technically you could, but the odds that they will be marked as spam will be high. Also, Email marketing services providers allow all users to opt-in and opt-out. 

Most people are aware of the amount of spam that circulates online, and sometimes businesses think in such a way to drive traffic in their direction. Spam isn’t exactly illegal in the U.S, but there are rules that must be followed when sending solicited and unsolicited emails. 

When engaging in Email marketing, most professionals who have been in the business for time will state that “being yourself” will go a long way. Don’t use misleading subject titles when sending emails to respected users of your service. 

It is easy to get caught up in sneaky ways to get people’s attention and convert them. But like my mama used to say, “Honesty is the best policy.” If companies are in the business for the long run, any negativity that reflects a company’s site can be made public and once the trust is lost between the business and customer, it’s gone forever. 

Customers are fickle, and they don’t need a significant reason to stop using a website or business. 

Depending on what your website content is about, you should know that if it is sensitive, an Email marketing service may block your account. For instance, if you have a dating or a digital currency site, you may want to do research before compiling an email list. You may be spending countless months creating a list only to have the Email marketing service block your account. 

Even here, at Make Dinero Baby, we’ve had complications with Email marketing companies. Everything is run off software and algorithms, and if they notice something that could potentially damage a web user’s experience, they’ll block or even suspend your account.  


For example, last year I was having a business conversation with an old colleague of mine. He started a site about crypto and after one year of making stellar website content, and collecting thousands of emails, he was blocked from the service. 

I am unsure of the events that transpired following this event. I assume that he exported his email list to another Email marketing company and continued his digital marketing efforts. With that said, here are –

  1. HubSpot 

Known for developing and marketing of software products, Hubspot also has an Email marketing service that can help grow businesses.

HubSpot has useful features that other email marketing services can’t match. Their email service has a high delivery rate along with performance analytics, automation, etc. 

  1. Mailchimp

Perhaps the most popular Email marketing service is Mailchimp. With around 11 million customers, it’s no secret that this service could turn a small business into something greater. 

One awesome feature of mailchimp is that anyone can start an account for free and begin sending emails to their customers. Once a certain number of subscribers is reached, you then have the option of using a paid plan to increase the subscriber base and grow your business further. 

  1. ConvertKit

This option is most notably used with content creators like bloggers. Users of this service report that ConvertKit is easy to use and in turn, gives creators more time to focus on creating content. 

ConvertKit contains a feature that lets the user offer content upgrades with email signup forms. This Email marketing service has been received by its users as a great tool to increase conversions. 

Users also state that by using ConvertKit, it allows businesses and customers to connect on more of a personal level. 


There you have, folks. Some insight on Email marketing and how it can help grow your business. 

I believe that in the year 2021, transparency has taken off. Companies are building personal relationships with their customers through being open and sharing their story.

When it comes to Email marketing, share your story, be yourself, and the rest should fall into place. 

Thanks for reading. Sharing is caring.