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A woman getting paid to play video games.
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By Trevor H.   –   October, 23, 2021

Growing up in the 80s meant playing amazing game consoles such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis. The heavenly list of consoles was in abundance and it only continued to grow. Playing video games was on the minds of most. At that time in my life, getting paid to test video games was only a dream. 

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I remember being ten years old, getting my first paper route. Walking the mean streets of Toronto on the daily, handing out newspapers to make a mere 40 dollars a month. 

At the beginning, I gladly climbed up to people’s doorsteps, avoiding barking dogs to deliver the paper. There were no small MP3 players at this time. Having nothing to entertain myself during my stroll, I did what many people would do – Daydream. 

I fantasized about being in video games. Sometimes I would be the hero, but most of the time, I enjoyed being the villain. 

Walking for countless hours throughout the month only to make pennies caused me to begin wondering about other ways to make cash. What if there was an opportunity to make money testing video games. A weird question a ten your old would ask himself, but at the time there were many hip movies about video games. It was an unique time to think outside the box.

Super Mario 3 was perhaps, no, it was the best video game ever created. Mario could fly. What!

Playing these games for excessive amounts of time led to many headaches and many unusual thoughts. What if I could work for NES and test video games to assure they function properly. These thoughts evolved into a weird obsession. 

I would search for the phone book and try to find the contact information for NES. At one point I made a call and a nice lady picked up the phone. I asked if her company was in need of any game testers. She replied that I was calling a food distribution company, and that NES, the video game company, might be located in Japan.

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My dream of getting paid to test videos had come to a sudden and disappointing end. Delivering newspapers that day was a depressing stretch of time. The reality of life was setting in, and that getting paid to test video games was a dream that would not come true. 

Let’s fast-track to 2021

The internet has been blowing up for a long time. People are making money in more ways than one could think. Teaching online, life coaching, dance classes, Ecommerce. The list is long and awesome.

A new mindset has set in for the masses. There is literally a way to make money for everyone and their dogs.

And the question creeped back into my head, as if I was a young boy delivering the classifieds, “Could I get paid to test video games?” 

Entering the unique and fast paced world of TikTok, people have posted videos that getting paid to test video games was now a thing, a reality. The videos were going viral faster than Bella Poarch, and Addison Rae. I mean who wouldn’t love to wake up every morning, brew up a plethora of fine Colombian coffee and play video games, and make money doing it. 

At 40 years old, I can honestly say that I have zero passion to play video games. However, if someone offered me a job to test video games, I would be all ears.

In previous months, I recall watching a YouTube video with Tony Hawk and that Playstation gave him a special console so that he could test out his endorsed PS games. 

“How freakin cool,” I thought. But Tony Hawk was already rich. I on the other hand was not. A small amount of jealousy was felt during that video. 

Now in 2021, it is presumed that people are getting paid to test video games. If so many people are creating these posts online, then there must be some truth behind. 

I think the problem is that everyone wants a job like this, and it is simply impossible to have millions of game testers on this planet. I do believe if you are persistent in your job search and you have some kind of tech experience, your job search may begin to sway in your favor. 

During my online search, I found one site that advertises to become a game tester. It appears to be a legit site, and many on TikTokers explain that money can be had there. I believe that some of these sites will pay you to test video games. 

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Look, when there is an open job at Apple, perhaps they receive 10k applicants or more. That doesn’t stop the motivated and dedicated from applying. They know the chances of being hired are thin. They know it’s a competition. They proceed.

I assume with these get paid to test games sites, the competition is also fierce. But should that stop people from inquiring? Absolutely not. Go for it. See what happens. Who knows. You could get paid to test video games. 

And if you happen to be a 10 year old in 2021 who gets an offer to test video games for money, I don’t want to know about it. 

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