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By Trevor. H   –   Updated November 17 /2023

Google adsense account with Logo baby of website.

The content has been created, but with nothing to sell, finding ways to make money from a website leads many down the road of creating a Google Adsense account.

Opening a Google Adsense account

For many content creators, there is a clear goal in site. The vision of producing income can lead to a more advantageous situation. 

A blog site or a YouTube channel has been created. After some time the channel attains many subscribers or a website with one hundred blogs finally has traffic pouring in from all directions. It is time to execute. 

Many publishers start off by creating content. Without this, users will not be intrigued by a site that resembles a blank canvas. 

The time has been served, and your content is stellar. The thought of adding affiliate links may not be the plan as publishers may assume this could detour the user experience. Opening a Google Adsense account enters the equation. 

If I may, let us share our short story about our three month old blog and information website. 

Being an avid writer since the age of twenty, writing came naturally. Many years ago, I began hearing of professionals called “bloggers,” who made money writing online. Going back fifteen years, I was under the impression that people who earned money writing were book authors, article writers, screenplay writers, etc. 

Thus for some time, the thought of being a blogger was embedded in my mind. Writing a five to ten minute long read for users about any topic sounded pretty cool. It still does. 


Starting our website, researching affiliate programs, and products to sell left my crew and I with a massive headache. The thought of adding products, whether real or digital is no easy task when a site is related to jobs, and money tips.  

With receiving decent traffic through our social media channels, the feeling of urgency was kicking in. Each of our staff had been working anywhere from forty to sixty hours per week. Something had to happen in terms of monetization. An epiphany occured.

Opening a Google Adsense account

After some quick discussion of implementing our site with Google Ads, it was voted as a unanimous “yes.”

Our site had the traffic. We applied for a Google Adsense account and it was approved. 

Due to our site having strong website traffic before we were accepted to Adsense, we immediately began earning revenue. An ideal situation, thus leading us in the direction that if we now had revenue coming in, we have the option of putting that money back into the company for further promotion. 

Over the three months of having a Google Adsense account, it has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. In all honesty, working with social media, and being a content creator is a crazy ride. One day you have solid earnings and the next day could be the opposite. 

When we view our analytics, it resembles a volatile stock – Up and down and left to right. After some months of being in the game, you could either enjoy the chaotic ride or ignore it and simply focus on creating engaging, original content.

When researching about starting with Adsense, users will have different experiences and outcomes. Seemingly one must engage in keyword research and write blogs based on the analysis. That is our approach.

There are certain keywords and topics that have a high CPC (cost per click.) Many writers will base their content around keywords, opposed to writing about topics that they may truly enjoy.

For example, the CPC of the keyword “dog” may be strikingly low. 

The CPC for “real estate lawyer” could be the complete opposite. It could have a top bid of over ten dollars. These costs will fluctuate.

We recommend using Google Keyword Planner to conduct analysis. We use it daily and it allows our team to create the content related to our business and also have a solid CPC.

There are other platforms to use as well, but Google’s planner is free and “free” is our favorite word. 

Before applying for a Google Adsense account, having solid traffic to your site will be necessary. 

Firstly, Google may not accept a site without traffic and secondly, without traffic there will be limited earnings. 

Focus on high value content that is sufficient for your business and Google, and it should be only a matter of time before positive goals are achieved.



Opening a Google Adsense account was the first step in our business’ journey in terms of monetization. Some users will complain about ads appearing on our site, and we completely accept and understand that. 

The goal of any business is to add value for its users or customers, and by adding that value, a business deserves compensation. Whether it’s by selling products or services. 

Presently our site doesn’t sell anything. We are an information website with some affiliate links and we use Google Adsense as a revenue stream. 

Most people dislike seeing ads, but they’re a significant part of the economy that keeps people spending, and keeping the rollercoaster ride of business alive. 

In light of everything, we are pleased with implementing Adsense into our website.

If you found the blog useful, sharing it would be appreciated.

Update – Well, this article was originally written in November of 2021. It has been some months since we have had an active Google Adsense account. To be honest, the Google Adsense program has been our main source of income while we continue to bring quality content to our users. Perhaps in a year or so we will roll out digital products, but for now we will continue to focus on digital marketing and website content.

Update 2 – It is now January 2 of 2023. Since the time we started our Google AdSense account it has still remained to be our company’s primary source of revenue. For us, it is perfect because we don’t need to sell anything (besides our PDF) and we don’t need to add any affiliate links at the moment. Sure that could change later.

Thanks again.