How can I design my own website?

A person is building a website on his computer

By Trevor H. – Nov, 1, 2021

I remember being a young adult and having website design on my mind at all times. About twenty years ago is when I first built a website. Now in 2021, depending on what your goals are, it can be super easy. 

It was the year 2005. A friend of mine had started a small local company and wanted me to build a website for his business. His offer was decent. I was in between jobs. It was time to get to work. 

Ever since I was a young stallion- Sorry, I meant to say a kid, I loved to create. Whether it was drawing mediocre pictures of X-Men characters or building things with wood, I enjoyed making stuff. The feeling of satisfaction was had by achieving.  

As human beings, we all have the ambition to create. Nowadays people are creating different things in a plethora of different ways, one of which is digital. 

Going back to ‘05 and attempting to design a simple website was more difficult than it seemed. There was a lot more effort that had to be given and patience was of the essence. 

Due to the fact that I enjoyed problem solving and that I also enjoyed sitting on my butt in front of a computer screen for countless hours, website building was an adequate fit. 

After a week of designing the website on my computer, the project was finished and my friend/client was impressed with the final product. 

His finished company website had quality content relating to his business, a logo and a form that allowed customers to contact his business. 

When working away on my computer in 2021, I always say to myself, “Wow, it’s a lot easier than it used to be.” I don’t think there is any debate over this opinion or should I say – fact. 

In today’s digital world the user doesn’t need to be too tech savvy or have a college degree in technology in order to create a high quality website. Obviously depending on the size and capabilities of your site, you may need to have experience as a developer. 


For us here at Make Dinero it is not necessary to have our own developer as we use WordPress for business. The website comes with pre-built templates. For most part, if the user wants a basic, eye-friendly site, it could be done in a day. 

If you would like to create a blog site, we are living in an age where you need not to purchase a site. There are many platforms on the market where you can create a blog and publish it for free. WordPress and Blogger are two sites where you can start a free blog.

There are different website ideas in which you don’t require any developer experience in order to build.  Here are some site ideas that don’t require any or minimal coding experience or developer skills. 

1. Blog site

With creating a blog site, most of the work will be the creation of the written content. And have fun marketing your blogs. Most bloggers say that advertising their blogs takes more time than writing the blogs themselves. 

I can attest to that. As I write this blog, I wonder to myself, “How am I gonna market this thing?” These thoughts are happening before the blog is even finished. Before it’s edited and moved over to my WordPress. 

This is the point. If you can work with a platform that allows easy website design, you can focus on the things that matter – Writing and marketing. 

2. E-commerce store

Platforms like Shopify allow the user to create an online store in a short time frame. Considering the amount of graphics and products that need to be implemented, you could be up and running in some time or little time. 

Again, with this approach, your site is almost completely ready for traffic. This is ideal because it gives the user more time to focus on adding products and marketing. 

E-commerce is one of the most competitive spaces online. Users will need as much time as possible to market. If you’re looking to get rich, e-commerce is worth a shot. Many of the world’s rich and elite are retailers.

If you’re looking for motivation and inspiration, you should read the story of the Gymshark brand. They’re on Shopify and their brand is super famous. 

3. Portfolio site

Are you a tattoo artist? I highly doubt it, but if you are, putting together a digital portfolio of your artwork for clients to view could be highly beneficial, and cool as heck, might I add. 

Many portfolio themes are already attached to sites like WordPress. The user simply chooses a theme and adds content. 

Most of the work here will be taking high quality pictures and adding them to the site. 

4. Business site

Are you a landscaper? If you are, creating a business website with blog content, pictures and contact forms would be tremendous for your business. It’s cheap and can lead to more engagement on a local scale. 


Fun Fact – I met with a friend a few months ago. He mentioned that ever since he designed a cheap website for his business, which is a restaurant, profits have increased. To be honest, his website didn’t appear well done, but that’s the power of the internet. What he did have was a landing page with solid localized keywords. 

Conclusion – There are certain sites that in order to create, the user must do research. If he or she or custom gets on a computer and realizes they’re in over their heads, I recommend hiring counsel and receiving advice on the planned project. 

At times, it’s a solid idea to use council to avoid a point where you’ve invested a large sum of money into a project only to scrap it. Realizing what you’re getting into before you dive in head first is key. 

For simple sites such as the ones discussed, the user can dive right in. It’s not rocket science, and if difficulties occur, reach out to a friend or tech support for assistance.  

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