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I’m Trev and I am not so new to social media. I have been using social media to advertise businesses for the past 20 years. But today I would like to share my 2 year story about trying to advertise my teaching English business. Not wanting to spend money on paid ads, I tried growing on social media. Let’s go.

Facebook was my first attempt at it, but it wasn’t much help. After months of trying to grow organically, and not getting results, I decided to move on. The conclusion of my time with Facebook was rather disgusting. Toward the end of my Facebook campaign attempt, they actually hustled me out of a so-called 30 dollar ad credit. What they did was offer a credit, and then they charged my account.

I could’ve called my bank and complained, but instead, I just said to myself, “Keep the 30 bucks, you a-holes, you just lost a customer.” I then deleted my FB business page and it was off to Tik Tok to try things out.

Not knowing much about the site, I simply enjoyed it at first, while learning. After some time, I realised that the app is loads of fun. But instead of watching beautiful women dancing all the time, it was time to advertise my business. I started making English class videos, and at the beginning, I was getting views. The first 5 videos had over 1000 views and the followers started rolling in.

A month into posting content, things started changing. The views started to shrink, and it seemed that people were losing interest. I am a full time English teacher in the day time, giving private, online Skype classes, but I was losing engagement with the audience on the platform. I had to do something – something creative. This is when things changed for me on Tik Tok.

I created an English lesson on Tik Tok that was about a job post – to become an online Spanish teacher. I used English vocabulary that people could use for the job if the student was an English speaker. Within a couple days, the views hit 10,000. I was like, “Okay, interesting.”

Over time, my audience was losing interest in my TikTok English classes, but they were totally engaged with this one class that was more about MONEY and finding jobs. So for a couple more weeks, I continued making English classes on Tik Tok, and it went ok, but just ok was not enough for me. Most of my videos were only getting anywhere from 500 views to 2000. On my Tik Tok profile, I continued scratching my head at that one video that got great engagement. So my next move was bold. I deleted the account.

It was now time to start a new account about making money, and online jobs. Currently living in Latin America, I decided to go ahead and name it, “@Makedinerobaby.” I think it sounds pretty cool. Lol. The first video I posted was very similar to the video that got the views on my previous account. I remember uploading it on a Saturday, around noon. It got 40,000 views within a couple days. “Perfect,” I thought.

Having many years of experience in business and digital marketing, it was now time to post videos on open online jobs, investing, and making money. This was my new niche, and I enjoyed it, and I still do to this day. And it is working. Even though my audience was mainly Spanish speaking, I added subtitles. I made the videos fun, engaging and I believe I added value for the audience.

Even though I continue to teach English during the day, I now have my side hustle, and my side hustle is TikTok. How will I monetise my TikTok in the future? Well if you’re reading this blog right now, that is one way.

But to be serious, it took a lot of research to grow on TikTok. Some of it is luck, some is timing. There is an art to it. And so far, I have made a good start with my new account. If you would like to book an online TikTok Coaching appointment with me to improve your Tik Tok growth, use the form below.

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Greetings. I’m Trev H.

I write about business, social media, and I’m awesome! Well, that’s what my mom tells me. Enjoy the read.

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