How I make money with social media (3000$ a month)

By Trevor H.

I would like to tell you a quick story about how I started to make alot of money online. To be honest, most of it was an accident or let’s call it luck. It all started with one random TikTok video. 

Before I started making alot of money online, I was an online English tutor and digital marketer. I moved from Toronto, Canada and I was living comfortably in Medellin, Colombia. At the time, I was earning about 1000 USD per month. Life was good, I played soccer every Monday night, I had lots of friends and I met a beautiful girl named Pilar, who is now my wife. 

Let’s go ahead and fast forward to the year 2021, a year before the date of this blog. We had one child together named Dani and my wife had her daughter Juanita. 1000 USD was fine when I did not have any kids, but most fathers know that once they start creating humans, they need to produce more dinero. 

Living in Colombia, where monthly salaries are much lower than that of Canada, led me to work and earn money online. In a short time, I was teaching English and also making extra money in digital advertising. 

I believe that after teaching language online for some time, most people will grow tired of it and attempt to do something else. For myself, I enjoyed teaching language online. I could give 3 or 4 classes a day and live well. 

The problem with teaching for certain online platforms was that you have to give commissions and over time it was adding up to thousands of dollars. Which led me to looking for my own students so that I could earn more money online. 

My plan was to start a TikTok page, and upload short videos that taught some English. Verbs, slang, I tried to make it fun because it is social media. The plan was working to some extent. I got a few students, but for the amount of time I was putting in, I wasn’t exactly amazed with the results, the profits.

To explain this article with efficient detail, I am now 41. In my life I have invested in real estate, I have done good for myself. Financially, I am doing well. I am not a multi millionaire, but I feel rich because I have a great family, I eat well, bla bla bla bla. 

After more time, the TikTok business was not working how it was planned, so out of the blue, I made one TikTok video on my English teaching page, about how to make money online teaching language. It was a totally random video that had no business being on my page. At that point most of my TikToks were receiving around 1000 views, but when I posted this video about how to teach online, it received 60k views. 

That TikTok led me to stop making English teaching videos. I deleted that page and I started a new page about how to make money. The first video I uploaded got 60k views. I was onto something. My professional life would change from that point on.

Here we were. I was getting a solid amount of views per TikTok video, but I was left with a significant problem, and you probably know what I am about to say next. 

How was I going to monetize this? How would I make money from this TikTok page which quickly got 50k followers and millions of views?

Luckily for me, by this time in my life, I understood how to use WordPress for blogs. Things were slowly working in my favor. I quickly started writing blogs and when I say quickly, I mean everyday for a month or two. There had to be content in order to monetize. I knew I didn’t want to sell stuff because that is an entirely different challenge. I like the blog plus advertiser program strategy. It meant I could simply be a content creator and make videos and write blogs.

After 2 months of being on TikTok, I was getting my viewers to my blog and I was finally making good money, more money than when I was teaching English. And the best thing about the situation is that I enjoy it. I am still doing what I enjoy, and I never take it for granted. 

Everyday I wake up and I try to do a better job than the previous day. I learn more about how to create better blogs and better vertical, short length videos. 

Let us fast forward to the date of this blog. Our business has grown to the point where we require freelancers to assist us. We have many different social media accounts which total around 200k followers. It is apparent that people like the content that myself and my business partners help to produce. 

Presently, I live in the city of Ibague, Tolima. Every morning, I go for a walk with my kid, and I have coffee. I arrive at my home office at 8 a.m and it is time to work. I write my scripts, blogs.  We produce videos, the list goes on and on. 

Some months our blog makes 2000 USD a month, and sometimes it produces 3000 USD. We are not motivated by money, money is simply the indication that there is a market for our type of content. 

Obviously there is a lot more to our business, but did all of it begin by luck, by mistake, by chance? Yes. 

It all started with one random TikTok video about making money online and the rest was history. 

If I can give one piece of advice, once the online market gives you a chance to enter it, execute. Especially if it is for a type of work that has no capacity for earnings. That is when dreaming can turn into reality.

Thanks, amigos. Sharing is caring.