How much does TikTok pay?

By Trevor H. – October, 30, 2021

How much does TikTok pay?

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About 6 months ago, we began our TikTok account for our business. The excitement was so strong you could touch it. Before our venture, there was one thing that our team was curious to know, how much does TikTok pay?

Nowadays there seems to be misunderstanding. YouTube has been paying its creators for many years, and one would only assume that TikTok pays its creators as well, which is true to some extent. 

From the beginning our account exploded onto the scene. Make Dinero Baby was a hit. I remember the day that my stepdaughter discovered our TikTok account, I felt like the coolest stepdad in the world. She was proud of me, and I was proud of our team. Progress was being made.

Until that day, my stepdaughter never once asked me a question related to business and earnings, but on this event, she was interested in TikTok, and the business side of it. She asked me, “How much does TikTok pay?” We sat down over a cup of tea and had a conversation about business. 

It’s no secret that TikTokers like Bella Poarch and Kabe Lame are rich and famous. Their accounts have grown to attaining millions of followers. When people, especially kids, notice an account with 50k followers, they will assume that big money is being made. It’s a valid thought because 20 dollars is alot for a child. 

To answer her question to “how much does TikTok pay?” I stated that it doesn’t pay us anything. I believe what she was expecting me to say was that I was part of the TikTok Creator Fund. However, we live in a country where the fund is not available. We were unable to accumulate earnings through the program.

When I mentioned this to her, she was surprised and her expression led me to believe that it wasn’t fair. Many TikTok creators all over the world put in countless hours to create content, and most are not paid. “This does not detour the motivation we have,” I said. 


I explained to her that the reality of business and entrepreneurship can be challenging at times. You must put in countless hours of unpaid work. It’s a totally different reality from simply having an hourly job with a company. 

I’m not sure if she, my stepdaughter, was following what I was saying up to that point. Afterall, she’s 11. But I enjoy talking about business so I continued blabbing to her regardless if she understood or not. 

I began explaining terms such as monetization and relationship building. I drew an illustration of our company’s TikTok page and how it led the audience to the website. All the while, she still seemed confused that we didn’t get paid on TikTok for having millions of views. 

Carrying on, and showing her our company vision, she began to understand what we were creating. We are using TikTok as a stage, an advertisement to lead users to another platform. 

We started talking about value. The value that we gave on the website had to be better than the value given on TikTok. She blurted out the question one more time but in a different manner – “How much does TikTok pay Bella Poarch?” 

I didn’t answer the question. I grinned and continued explaining the business plan for a few more minutes until she got hungry and went to the kitchen to look for food and make a huge mess. 

Sometimes kids and adults think alike. We all want to get paid for the time we put in, and we do. It just happens in different ways. There are many ways to monetize a TikTok account and hopefully begin making money at a fast rate. It seemingly depends on what you’re promoting, and sometimes luck comes into play. 

Here are 2 ways you can monetize your account – 

1. Working with brands

If you have a large following, brands may reach out to you for paid opportunities. 

Pro Tip – If you are eager to work with brands, you can begin emailing companies who could be a good fit to work with. Many assume that if you have a large following, you can sit back, relax and brand deals will just come to you. 

There is an abundance of influencers in the marketplace. Make yourself stand out. Put in the extra effort to acquire contacts.

2. Live Streaming

If you have the courage to go live on TikTok, you can be rewarded by your viewers. They can purchase coins and give them to you during a live stream. 

Bring your best performance. Going live is no easy task and a lot of TikTokers break under the pressure. If you could find success live streaming, it is said that this will help your account to receive a larger following.

When it comes to making money through your social media accounts, the options are immense. Focus on a strategy, create a plan, and go for it. 

Our strategy is to bring job opportunities and unique information with regard to investing, and education to our users. It is a long term goal. 

If you are reading this blog, it’s a sign that our goal is being achieved, and we thank you for taking the time to read this article. 

Now, I must to go to the kitchen and clean up after my stepdaughter. 

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