How not to get a job while living in Colombia

Colombian food
Colombian Chicurón, the best food in all the lands

Hey guys, I am Mike. I am from New York City, but I’m now living in Colombia, South America. Here is my funny short blog I would like to share. The title of this true story is…

A job interview in Bogota or Chicharrón?

It was a few weeks since I arrived in Bogota. Exploring the city, I was amazed to see an abundance of beautiful Latinas. I was also as equally amazed to stumble upon, yes, you guessed it, Chicharrón.

It was a perfect Saturday morning, about 21 degrees with a mix of sun and cloud – just how I liked it. I was walking down a random street when I smelt something different, and terrific. I noticed a server bring this fried piece of meat to a table. It was an inspiring moment.

I approached the patrons and asked them what it was. They didn’t reply as I was speaking English – understandable. I took out my translator and asked, “Que es eso?” They replied, “Chicharrón.”

I decided to have a seat and order some of this fried meat. I waited impatiently until it finally arrived. Everything slowed down as if a hero (the waiter) brought me a life saving medication, but it was the Chicharrón.


Complete bliss. I think that was the first time I ever used the word bliss. But it was just that. And not to sound to obscene, but as I was eating, I think “it” moved a little.

Fast forward a couple weeks later, I finally had a job interview for a remote job but I needed to find a café that had good internet because the internet at my hotel was not working. The online job interview was set up for 7 pm on Zoom.

As I began walking to the café, I was feeling a little hungry. That’s when it happened, I walked by a Chicharrón place. My mouth watered as I stood there – like a paralyzed boy, looking into a candy shop.

It was time to have a seat and place the order. It was supposed to be 10 minutes and done, but I think 10 minutes in Colombia means half an hour. So thirty minutes later, and about to freak out with impatience, it finally arrived. It was perfectly crispy on the outside with the perfect amount of tenderness on the inside.

I looked up at the sky and I thanked God, and then I said, “Oh no, my job interview.” I looked at my phone and my Zoom had a few messages. It was my interviewer. I failed.

I was a little disappointed in myself, but very fulfilled in satisfying my hunger. Thanks for reading. Please share the blog if you liked and it.

Thanks Make Dinero for letting me post this blog.