How to make money from TikTok (2021)

Updated on January 31, 2023

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As a once addicted TikTok viewer myself, I wondered how people make money on TikTok, so I got down to business. 

I am Trev and I write about stuff that I think about while having my 3rd cup of coffee in the morning.

Original Post date Monday, Oct, 4/2021

Sidehustles, affiliate marketing, TikTok influencer ? – The online world is blowing up with opportunities, and the chance of social media fame could be just around the corner. 

TikTok has been growing immensely in its user base throughout the past years, and watching famous TikTokers like Bella Poarch and Khaby Lame rise to fame have struck the curiosity of many. 

With followers in the millions, it’s a no-brainer that these TikTokers are living large with luxury houses, fancy cars, macaroni and cheese, but with real cheese, not that fake powdered cheddar. 

But is it a certainty that content creators with a seven figure following are living large? To be honest, I highly doubt it.

Beautiful women dancing in the night for 8 seconds – 4,000,000 views

People giving extremely brief relationship advice – 3,000,000 views

A highly intelligent and sophisticated doctor giving health tips – 320 views

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The numbers are all over the place. It truly is an unpredictable platform that many can rapidly gain in popularity on or quickly fall into the cracks and disappear.

The platform itself reflects a scroll-a-thon with viewers getting a wrist workout due to swiping their phones excessively, and perhaps burning a few extra calories in the process. TikTok is addictive.

Being a TikToker myself with a following of about 45,000, people often assume I am rolling in money. The truth is, I’m still eating macaroni and cheese – the cheap stuff. I will elaborate a little later in this super terrific blog.

The other day, I viewed a TikTok video of a teenager. He had a TikTok which generated millions of views and millions of likes. A truly amazing feat. From TikTok itself, and their content creator fund, he generated a few pennies. Not bad for day’s work.

People assume the platform is similar to YouTube, which is quite the contrary. TikTok doesn’t provide any paid ads to allow users to monetise their videos and make income.

TikToks are normally under a minute long. How an ad could be placed inside a video so short is beyond me. YouTube definitely takes the cake when allowing monetisation through ads. However YouTube is a whole different ball game. 

Moving forward – With 45,000 followers, I have a base, an audience. People are listening to me. How would I make money from this attention? As I am a businessman, I am not interested in any kind of fame or popularity, unless of course, it is attached to profiting. 

Here is my business plan – I have a WordPress – that shares tips and advice about remote jobs, and experiences I have had. Also, my site contains a job board, where users can find open remote jobs or cool sidehustles. 

On TikTok, I will advertise these opportunities with a 15 second video with ambitions to drive people over to my site. A small percentage of my followers will visit the site, which is awesome, and thanks alot if you are one of them!

TikTik is a fast paced site so the realization that I could get users to jump off the site for a few moments is a truly rewarding feeling. 

The comments on TikTok – Some users think I am conducting business unethically. That I make money if someone signs up to a different site, which is not true. However, if I could profit off from that – I would. 

Basically I am a one man show, without any investors, who creates video content on TikTok and Instagram. I write blogs, and I manage my website. On TikTok, I simply inform users about online, remote jobs that are available. 

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How do I make money from TikTok presently?

Answer – Google Adsense 

When people visit my site, there are ads placed by Google. If my awesome users click on an ad, I will make a very small amount of money, and this folks, is why I continue to do all this work. (But please, only click on an ad if it is something you desire) Without this revenue I receive from Google, I would have limited motivation to work.

If I wake up in the morning and I see that Google Adsense has credited my account with 10 dollars, I remain motivated, and I keep grinding away. The plan is to grow, and to me 5, 8 or 13 bucks a day is super exciting. 

Conclusion –

There are tons of ways to make money from TikTok. In my experience, it’s a lead generator. To others, it could be for influencing other businesses, brands, etc. 

I am an influencer of my own sidehustle and brand. I am betting on myself. The motivation to advertise someone else’s business is not in the cards, unless an offer was too good to refuse.

My advice – It’s a unique platform to promote your product, service or yourself, and if you’re not using this 100% free platform, it’s your loss.  Here is my TikTok profile.

Update – It is presently January 31, 2023 and we are close to having 100k followers on TikTok. We continue to make informational videos, and we truly enjoy it. We are living in a time where anyone and I mean anyone can make money online.

I am 42 years old, I have 3 kids and because of these social media platforms, we get traffic to our website and continue to earn revenue with ad networks. And I don’t need to shake my “you know” to do it.

Some months we make $1000 a month and some months we make $3000. I now have freelancers helping me in the daily operations.

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