How to make money on YouTube (2021)

A lady making a YouTube video on her computer
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The age old question which everyone must know – How to make money on YouTube? Is it still possible in 2021 and into the future? 

We’ve all been there – dreaming, thinking of working in our pajamas while shooting a video into a smartphone camera. Well not everyone, but you get my drift.

October 6, 2021 – I am Trev and I write about stuff while consuming way too much coffee in the morning. Let’s do this.

Here we are in the year 2021. The world has changed immensely with covid. People are indoors more than ever and possibly in front of a screen a little more than they can bare. 

YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are all places where one can be easily entertained.  Who doesn’t enjoy very short pieces of entertaining information. The time of watching a 2 hour movie has simply flown out the window. Unless it’s the movie The Notebook, because, well, come on. Ryan Gosling – total heartthrob. Ok, back to the blog.

People are seeking that next sidehustle, that next way to make some dinero. Some wonder if it is still possible to make money on Youtube. My response to this – 

Absolutely with a capital A!

I remember being a young stud back in 2007, when YouTube was also young and new to the scene. I could make a video, pop in on YouTube and it would not be long until it started getting views. 

One day, walking down a Toronto street with a couple pals, a fight broke out. That’s when I broke out my digital camera and showed my inner Steven Spielberg. Later that night, I uploaded the video and feelings of accomplishment were had. 

In hindsight, that was the time to get on YouTube and dedicate yourself to the platform.  I believe that most people are aware of that. Perhaps like any investment, it’s best to get in early

Nowadays people seek instant gratification through blogs, Instagram posts and TikTok videos. With Google Adsense being a popular way to monetise your website and generate income, it remains to be the goal of many to become successful on YouTube. 

In 2021, how can I become successful on Youtube?

I remember Daddy always telling me, “Son, hardwork and dedication always pays off in the end.” It took me until I was 30 for those words to sink in. On Youtube, in 2021, this is the harsh reality. 

Many assume they can reach YouTube fame within a few months of contant video uploading, which could still happen. But word on the street, now, on the platform, success could come around the one or two year mark of frequent uploads.

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok requires and rewards consistency. People are overcome with a vast array of platforms of which they can release their content. There seems to be no end in sight to where and when you can release or upload your work. 

I believe that in 2021 and in the upcoming year, it will be easier to strike online success with a platform like TikTok. Once you reach a large follower base, you can then lead users over to YouTube. That would be my main focus. 

However, if you plan on uploading 10 second short videos to YouTube, as if you’re still in TikTok land, it will be difficult to monetise that content because, well, it’s short. When I watch YouTube, I enjoy videos around 10 minutes in length that normally display Adsense ads.

If you are new to content creation and are 100% determined to strike YouTube fame without the use of any other platforms, consistency will be the number 1 factor. If you will upload 5 times a week, stick to it. Don’t quit.

Do something you love to avoid burn out. 

People have fascinating video creation ideas, and some put their hearts and souls into creating them, but if you notice that after a couple months of not getting views, you will become discouraged. Remember – Do something that you truly enjoy. This will keep you pushing along to reach your goal. 

And when in doubt, think of YouTube’s Mr. Beast. When he first started out, he struggled. Now he has over 70,000,000 subscribers and is making dinero big time. 

On TikTok, many users mention that you can make YouTube videos without being in the videos themselves. TikTok educates. They state that you can download royalty free videos, and create voice overs. Thus, if you have a good voice, you can narrate yourself. Search for new niches. There is always a fresh spin you could put on things. 

With YouTube, they primarily care about one thing only, watch time. Study the art because there is an art to achieving YouTube fame. Make your videos educational, inspirational, fun, controversial and users will not leave your video and watch it to the end. When this happens the YouTube algorithm will recommend your video to more of its users.

All of this seems simple, right? Well, I assure you, there’s nothing simple about making money online these days. Educate yourself. Read current blogs about cameras, shooting, lighting, audio. Don’t be mediocre. Give yourself a fighting chance. 

I currently watch a travel vlog on YouTube about this couple who travel to tropical destinations. They are quite chilled. To be honest, I think they are high all the time because they’re super relaxed. They shoot 4k video, use drones for the birds eye view shot. They give the viewer exceptional video quality.  

Before bed, I enjoy watching travel vlogs. This stoned couple is fulfilling my nightime entertainment requirements. Presumably they also are having their travel costs paid for by Google Adsense because they have mucho subscribers.  


YouTube success is a competition that everyone wants to win. This is what it boils down to. Are you a winner? If the answer is yes, get started and the rest should be history. Choose a niche and pursue your goal. Stick to it.

People used to laugh at  inspiring YouTubers, now they want to be them.

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