How to make money online teaching Spanish

By Pedro Suarez of Miami, Florida

Is it possible to make money online by teaching Spanish? Absolutely, there is the possibility to work from home and make money simply by teaching another language such as Spanish to other people worldwide. The internet offers limitless teaching possibilities, all you need is the internet connection, a computer and also Spanish knowledge, then you can start finding work on various platforms.

What platforms can you use to make money online teaching Spanish?

The great advantage that comes from teaching online is that you don’t have to stick to a specific platform. You can actually work as a Spanish teacher on multiple platforms and set your own hours. In fact, working on multiple platforms is ideal because it gives you access to more exposure and also more people. It’s definitely worth it and in the end, you are bound to have much better results than you might expect. Here are some of the main platforms to make money online as a Spanish tutor.


Italki is known for the fact that it’s a platform connecting you with teachers covering 150 languages. They offer 1 to 1 lessons, and you can also focus on specific things like grammar, talking and so on. You also get to offer feedback to your students and make your lessons as creative as you can be. You can offer language assessments, there are Italki language challenges you can participate in with your students.


Preply also does a very good job at making it easy for you to teach Spanish online and work from home. If you’re a good Spanish teacher, then you can easily stand out of the crowd. Do keep in mind that there are thousands of teachers here, in fact for Spanish alone they have over 4300 teachers. There are some requirements if you want to become a tutor, however there are also benefits like teaching any time you want, setting your rate and growing professionally without any hassle. For student safety, teachers are verified, and showing that you are verified does help attract more clients.

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Verbling is also a great place for you to become a teacher and make money online teaching Spanish. They do have an on/off period when they accept teachers, so there are times when they won’t accept applications. However, they do offer support for 70 languages and Spanish is one of the most popular languages for them. It’s great to see the overall value they provide and the fact that they also bring in a pretty consistent revenue for a Spanish teacher too.


Wyzant only accepts teachers from the United States, however they can teach pretty much any language, including Spanish. If you are in the US and want to work from home, then this is totally worth it. The great thing is that you can set quite a high price when compared to other websites. That being said, they have a strict set of requirements when it comes to accepting teachers, but it’s still well worth giving it a try at the very least.

Live Lingua

Live Lingua is terrific because here you can work exclusively as a Spanish teacher. That’s great, and the fact that they only accept native speaking tutors which also have certifications is a major plus. With that being said, they do a very good job at offering all kinds of lessons for every level. It’s a terrific opportunity and the best thing about it is that you they do pick only the best of the best. As a result, the income is definitely better when compared to others.

Where are other places where you can find Spanish students?

Aside from these websites, you can also try to find Spanish students on your own. Generally, social media is a great place for you to find students, specifically places like TikTok or Facebook, even Instagram or Pinterest. You can also create a YouTube channel where you showcase your services, that might help too. Even forums can be a great place to show off your expertise and someone might hire you there. That’s why it’s a good idea to have the right online presence as a teacher, as you can find new ways to promote yourself and the results as a whole could be nothing short of exceptional.

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How important are reviews for a Spanish teacher?

As you can imagine, reviews are crucial when it comes to differentiating a teacher from the others. That’s why you want to work as hard as possible to obtain amazing reviews from your clients. It might not seem like a whole lot, but the better reviews you have, the higher the chances of getting more clients. Of course, your pricing will matter quite a bit, but reviews are definitely the first impression and that’s why you want to work hard and maintain great reviews. Those are your social proof and you can show everyone how happy other clients are with your Spanish teaching services.

Pros and cons of teaching online


  • Teaching online is amazing because you can avoid commuting. Instead, you can just go ahead and work from home, as well as enjoy all kinds of great benefits. It’s an amazing experience and it helps provide you with some really nice results.
  • You are free to choose when you work and where you work from. Flexibility really makes it well worth it and the experience can be much better.
  • Most platforms don’t have a minimum or maximum number of working hours.
  • You can sometimes receive teaching materials and lesson plans
  • Small class sizes make for a better teaching experience.
  • A pretty good income if you stick to it.


  • You are depending on the internet, if you have internet issues you can’t really complete your session properly.
  • Usually companies have strict cancellation policies
  • Setting up meetings can be hard due to timezone differences.
  • You don’t get the benefits that come from a regular workplace.
  • It can get physically demanding.

How much money can I make?

If you are serious about making money online as a Spanish teacher, then you should know that the income can vary quite a bit. Based on the rate you ask per hour, it’s possible to earn anywhere from $100 per month to $3000 or even $5000 per month. Of course, it does depend on the platform, but it’s definitely possible to have a sizeable income if you are a great teacher and set the right rates for yourself. It might take some time to get there, but in the end it’s still worth it to make money online as a Spanish tutor, it all comes down to getting started at the right time.


We are firm believers that it’s possible to make money online simply via teaching Spanish. It’s definitely a bit of a challenge, but for the most part you will find it incredibly rewarding. You can get started with lower rates in order to stay competitive and accumulate reviews, then you can slowly increase your rates as you gain more experience and reviews. It’s definitely worth it to teach Spanish online, since there are so many websites where you can share your skills, and it can definitely pay for your bills, it might even become your main income source in the long term!

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