6th June 2022

Before you start blogging in multiple languages, there is a lot to consider. You may perceive it as a lot of work. Additionally, there are other factors involved too. Therefore, study the advantages and disadvantages of blogging in two languages. It might help you make the right decision.

Call me Daniel Castro. I am originally from Colombia, but now I am living in Texas, USA. I hope my English is ok and you enjoy this article. I had it looked over by a proof reader. Let’s go.

Pros of writing blogs in 2 languages

Less competition

The market for English speaking individuals is very competitive. Regardless of the niche, your blog will face high competition. As a result, the creator will also invest in costly research to create a unique experience.

However, a 2-language blog such as Spanish and English will face less competition because the content is diversified. Furthermore, the market for Spanish and French bloggers is less consistent. Therefore, the present content becomes very unique.

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More engagement

The content in English and Spanish results in an engaged community too. Readers from the home country result in regular viewers. Furthermore, since I am a native Spanish speaker, I can empathize with the reader. Therefore, the content is relatable.

Working on a multi-linguistic platform is based on a mutual understanding of culture. The readers feel closer to the creator. As a result, more business opportunities surface, such as social media comments, sponsorships, and meet-ups.

Media recognition

Blogging in a native and universal language results in more media attention too. Spanish native bloggers document their lives online. It increases their chances of the local media recognizing their efforts. Furthermore, the local magazines and newspapers are likely to mention them too.

Regardless of the scale of the media, no opportunity is too small. Therefore, prioritize a collaboration to build an SEO presence when media reaches out to you.

Cons of writing blogs in 2 languages


Working on two languages means twice the workload. Other than apparently translating content, other responsibilities include:

  • Optimizing for SEO
  • Coming up with alt images and captions
  • Updating previous work with new data and SEO compliances
  • More social media work


Translating in blogging is a very research-oriented task. Furthermore, according to linguistic attributes, the text will expand or shrink. Therefore, the creator may have to add information for a completed article.

Even though one argues, it may expose the creator to newer vocabulary and experiences. On the other hand, the outcome depends on the person’s attributes and interests.

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Topics with high paying CPC

Undoubtedly, the highest paying niche using Google AdSense is insurance. However, it is intensely competitive, with an average CPC that soars to $55. Insurance blogs are a broad field that includes home, auto, health, and life insurance. Furthermore, companies also agree to pay high rates for insurance since their return on investment is substantial. Similarly, loans and finance-related are also high-earning niches. Other categories include:

  • Insurance with $55 CPC
  • Loans with$46 CPC
  • Gas and electricity with $45 CPC
  • Legal and attorney with $42 CPC
  • Mortgage and house financing with $38 CPC
  • Credit with $37 CPC
  • Lawyer with $31 CPC
  • Degree and academics with $28 CPC
  • Donation and Charity with $25 CPC
  • Conference call and communication with $23 CPC

If you wish to avoid the competition, we have got you covered! The following niches offer a high rate of return with low competition. However, the creator must present unique content to penetrate unknown markets and readers’ segments successfully. The niches are:

  • Health care with $37 CPC
  • Webhosting with $7 CPC
  • Telecom with $11 CPC
  • Digital Marketing with $12 CPC
  • Education $15 CPC

Unfortunately, the remaining niches are not well profitable. You can earn a maximum of $2.28 CPC, assuming you generate sufficient traffic.

The requirements to monetize your blog with Google AdSense

We empathize your wish to get accepted into the AdSense program. It is a reliable means to earn that showcases your creativity. Furthermore, Google AdSense is easy to use and manage too. However, you must understand the requirements before reaping its advantages.

Primary requirements

  • Firstly, read how to make money using the Google AdSense program. Browse the guidelines and the restrictions
  • Subsequently, match the requirements with your website or blog. You must be running a platform that is rich in content while complying with AdSense policies. Furthermore, your site must not be pending for Google AdSense beforehand.
  • Do not register with a new domain. Ensure the domain has slightly aged for a few months. For example, domains from China, Pakistan, and the Middle East must be at least 6 months old for acceptance.
  • In addition, you must be aware of the platform’s analytics if you wish to make money using the Google AdSense program. Register if you receive at least 100 new users every day. Recently, Google made the AdSense rules very strict. You are not eligible if your website or blog lacks regular traffic.
  • You need a Gmail account to register with Google AdSense. No need to create a separate email if you already have one.
  • If you attempt to create a separate google AdSense account, your primary account becomes suspended.
  • Be more than 18 years to apply for the Google AdSense program.

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Address requirements

  • Ensure the above requirements are correct once you have filled them out. Do not attempt to enter a false country or place of residence. Google AdSense will ask you to verify using the AdSense email.
  • You cannot change the country you entered. If you re-located or wish to change, you must close the primary account and register with a new one.
  • If your platform is officially registered with the local authorities, you can use your verified business account. Use your sales tax or registration number. The payments will be paid directly to the company account.
  • You cannot change the email account type, such as business, to personal or vice versa.

Remember, your programs fall flat if you do not comply with guidelines to monetize your blog with Google AdSense. Therefore, ensure utmost cooperation to start experiencing benefits sooner than later.

How much money can you earn with Google AdSense?

Google takes a commission when you make money using the Google AdSense program. It is dependent on every click. On average, publishers earn 51% when using AdSense. When factoring the niche, the commission income varies from $0.2 to $15 with $3 CPC on average.

Do not wait anymore! Start blogging today

The trick to successfully publishing in two languages is to start as soon as possible. Do not collect posts as that makes the translations very time consuming. Hit the blogs with relevant keywords to generate traffic. Lastly, don’t forget to monetize your blog with Google AdSense for reliable revenue.

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