How to Start Your Career in Coding

Mateo Castro on 1st June 2022

You may be surprised to hear businesses of any scale require coding to assist their business. However, due to the hefty demand, you will have to prove your coding skills. If you are in the beginner stage, consider the following guideline on how to start a career in coding.

How to start a career in coding?

Choosing the language

The first requirement involves picking a coding language. It will signal your expertise area and your interest in the field. The following are a few common coding languages:

  1. Firstly, Javascript is most famous for web development and gaming. It is also used to create mobile apps and build web servers. Primarily, JavaScript is used to manage the website’s pages. The coders can incorporate animated graphics, maps, web page buttons, and more to make the platform dynamic. It offers a higher level of control and a better user experience too.
  2. Secondly, Python is a must language to learn if you are interested in how to start a career in coding. The language is used for data sciences and application development. Python offers digital tools which make it unique from other coding languages. It also offers everyday tasks and commands that reduce time wastage.
  3. Another commonly known data language is HTML. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is one of the most easily accessible languages when you are thinking about how to make money online as a coder. HTML is mainly employed when the website needs formatting. It makes the text easy to read with a clear layout.
  4. Java is not to be confused with JavaScript. Coders use Java to create functions and data to structure the applications and programs. Java offers incredible features such as easier to learn, providing robust security, and handling an insane amount of online traffic to prevent server overload.

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Coding learning platforms

Once you have decided which language to specialize in, it is time to invest resources to master it. Become a coder using the following options:


The second step in how to start a career in coding is learning to code! It is a modern must-have skill that helps you write and understand behind-the-scenes website language. Therefore, Udemy offers a long list of courses that enables you to become a coding savant. You can make coding a lucrative career.

Udemy offers the following checkpoints if you are interested in how to make money online as a coder:

  • You will learn how to build a one-page website
  • You will learn how to build a calculator
  • You will learn about blogging
  • Udemy will teach you basic HTML, JavaScript, and Python coding


YouTube is an inexpensive approach to coding. Students love to learn from an interactive platform that makes complicated concepts simplified to understand. You can closely observe each step and follow along too.

Furthermore, the comments section in the videos below is like a virtual classroom. Individuals are replying and discussing coding-related matters. If you are unsure about the step, you can simply search the comments or post one to start a conversation. YouTube is an excellent learning platform available on your phone or desktop.

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Where is your portfolio?

After you have mastered a coding language, it is time to create something. You can redesign a website or enhance a user interface on a mobile application. Add it to the portfolio once complete to display your coding skills.

You can later use the portfolio to find jobs on Upwork, freelancer, public chat groups, or craigslist.

Pros of becoming a coder

Working remotely

Making money online as a coder has many remote opportunities. You can work from a computer, laptop, or even tablet. You simply need a stable internet connection, and your career as a coder is set. No need to physically travel for an in-house job.

Analytical skills

Since how to start a career in coding begins with the person starting from scratch, it enhances your problem-solving skills. Consider coding a chain where the following step is closely linked to the previous step. If the chain breaks, the website will not work. Similarly, identifying the errors and figuring out the problems makes you a viable candidate for high-tech posts.

Job satisfaction

A career as a coder is also very internally fulfilling. Undoubtedly, it is filled with challenges but overcoming them is highly motivating. Satisfying clients and building repetitive business results in job satisfaction, further motivating the coder. You may also find work after regular hours since coding demand does not shrink. Newer businesses are always in demand of a website better than their competitors.


When you make money online as a coder, it opens many career-related goals you were unaware of. It is a flexible career with a dynamic approach. Assuming a project does not require an extensive coding understanding. The individual can learn on the job while interacting with the client or like-minded community online.

Cons of becoming a coder

Demanding job

Working as a coder requires working in a fast-paced environment that is constantly demanding. The coder is mentally drained from adapting to an ever-changing dynamic at the day’s end. It will indeed take a toll on your mind very quickly. Furthermore, the coder may also feel burdened to learn new coding techniques as they surface.

Health risks

You will spend most of the time eyeing computer screens as a coder. There is no physical requirement to the job that lets you be active. Constantly staring at a computer screen while your brain is in overdrive will hurt your health. Therefore, we advise you to take small breaks to disrupt the screen contact. Exercise or go for a walk before returning to code some more.

How much do coders earn?

Not so surprisingly, coders earn more than the average $48,000 in their initial years of coding. However, they can negotiate for higher pay if they are specialized in a language. How to make money online as a coder factors years of experience and skillset. Furthermore, geographical location, such as a country or city, is also crucial.

The Bottom Line

Discipline and dedication will help you make money online as a coder! You can enroll in courses to begin your journey. Work toward building credibility and attaining experience. Think of the bigger picture with above-par earning and mentoring young minds.

Happy coding! Please share if you liked the blog.

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