How to use social media to make money 2021

October, 19, 2021 – Written by Trevor H.

A social media influencer working

The past two years have seen more people confined to their homes than ever before. In my view, the past 2 years have been an opportunistic time to experiment, and to discover how I can make money online with social media. 

In this article I will break down the three point method I use to gain success with social media, and how I leverage the following to make money online. 

The idea – Create a blog that has to do with all things money – Remote jobs, Side hustles, job listings, money tips, immigrate to more prosperous countries, etc. 

Perfect. But with a bunch of blogs and no marketing, what did I have? Nada, zilch, zero. Only a dream. Let’s go, amigos.

1. TikTok

After a couple months of experimenting with TikTok, it was go-time. Before it used to be an app for young kids to dance on. Now, it’s a mixture of just about everything. From people falling off their bicycles, getting injured and resulting in a few laughs. To people giving advice about cryptocurrencies like Bob-coin and Cookie-coin. It sometimes can be alot to absorb, but totally addicting nonetheless.

It was time to put my charming blue eyes to the test and discover if I could make money online with social media using TikTok.

From what I noticed, you have about 2 or 3 seconds at the beginning of every TikTok video where you need to hook the viewer to keep them engaged for the duration of the video. 

I thought to myself, ”What do people love the most in life? What is something they think about everyday?” It was money. Making dinero baby.

The first 3 seconds of my TikToks generally explains that there is a way you can make a certain amount of money online, whether it be a remote job, side hustle, etc. 

“You can make 30 dollars an hour. You can make mucho dinero.” These are some of the announcements I use to start off the video. I presently have a solid inventory of videos. Some get 1000 views and others receive 1 million views. TikTok viewership is completely unpredictable in my experience. All you can do is proceed. 

At first, TikTok was like a drug. I would wake up in the morning, a little too early, to see how many people watched your video. After some time, that excitement subsides, thankfully. Now if a video gets 1000 views, good. If a video gets 100k views, ok. Just keep working. Continue making efforts to make engaging content. 


2. Instagram

Step two in my attempt to make money online with social media was with none other than Instagram.

To be honest, at the beginning, I simply was adding my video content over to the app as a backup. I didn’t expect much from Instagram as people in 2021 mention that the app is flooded with excessive amounts of users and to grow in popularity is extremely difficult. 

But hey, it was free, like its fierce competitor TikTok, and guess who enjoys free stuff more than anyone? This guy.

To my surprise, I began receiving views on Instagram Reels early on, but the followers were not exactly pouring in. At that time, my focus was on TikTok. However, throughout the months of consistent uploading on Instagram, there has been a shift. My following has grown.

I am using more original content, solely for Instagram. Many content creators simply reuse their TikToks on Instagram. I would not recommend that as Instagram can pick up on that and disable your account. It has happened to me and it’s a truly annoying inconvenience. 

What I value about Instagram is that they seem to reward clarity in the video quality. On TikTok, you can record yourself eating a donut and possibly be the next TikTok celebrity. On Instagram, you gotta put in the work. 

Now with the two social media accounts working, it was time to leverage that and begin making money online.


3. Blog

Before any of this social media stuff, humans wrote, read and cut wood. We did not twerk, skydive from space or perform any dance challenges. Excuse me, the dance challenges were had. I mean who doesn’t remember “My achy breaky heart,” by Miley Cyruss’ dad in 1991.  

I use WordPress to create blogs, and I must say I love the platform (Not an ad). I create my actual blog on Google Docs, edit them and then copy and paste it over to my WordPress.

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Breaking things down 

I advertise my website using the 2 social media channels.  Almost every video I publish mentions my site. Perhaps users are tired of hearing about it, but hey, I have 3 kids and money is my focus. 

At the moment, the only way I monetise is with Google Adsense. Somedays I make a decent profit, other days are not so exceptional. Content creation is my primary focus in terms of professionalism – Offering value to keep the users engaged. Thus they remain on the site. 

Making a living based on Adsense revenue does not seem sustainable. At some point there will need to be other ways to monetize the site. What will they be? I’m still working on that part. 

But I have one thing, the most valuable asset that keeps me motivated, even when I only make 8.42 on Adsense in one day – happy users. 

Thanks for reading, and sharing is caring.