If I can’t buy pizza in New York City with CryptoCurrency then what is digital currency good for?

A man about to buy food with cryptocurrency.
New York City

Having a small portfolio of Crypto in my digital wallet always put a smile on my face until I woke up the other day with a cold sweat, wondering, asking myself, “What can I buy with it?”

I am John from New York City, The Big Apple. 

Living in the city has been terrific with a capital T. The weather, not so much. But I like the energy, the sites, you know what I mean. Let’s dive right into it.

It took me a lot of time to save money and when I did, I decided to risk it and put it into Crypto. The gains so far have been up and down as everybody knows. I am not really the type to risk cash but let’s be honest here, everyone is always talkin’ Crypto this, Crypto that. I couldn’t resist.

So today this happened. I was walkin’ down the street, and the smell of hot mozzarella struck a chord. It was time to walk into Dado’s Pizza shop in Brooklyn.

With my mouth watering, I took out my wallet to notice that I had no cash, and my wallet with my  bank cards was at home. I was outta luck, big time. But I had my android phone with me.

As I was ordering, I remember askin’ the guy, “Do you accept CryptoCurrency?” He smiled. Didn’t say anything. 

This is when I sat down at the table and thought to myself, “If I can’t get a pepperoni slice with this digital currency, what can I do with it?”

Conclusion – 

Look fellas, I know I could sell my Crypto and make some cash on the market. Terrific. But I wanna use this stuff. Everyday. Not sure when that will happen, but I hope it’s soon. 

Until that day, Imma go to my house, grab some cash(paper) and go grab me a slice. 

Thanks to Make Dinero Baby for lettin’ me post this sad event. I hope you guys don’t go sliceless in The Big Apple. 

Share the blog if you’re a pizza lover too or Crypto is your thing. Cheers, fellas.