I need a divorce lawyer

By Trevor. H – Updated on December 26, 2022

Everybody in life wants to meet that special somebody. When we were children, we had a crush on that cute classmate on the other side of the classroom. Into our teenage years, relationships intensified with unnecessary drama and what some people call “love.” 

When reaching adulthood, careers begin, unions are formed, and for some reason, people want to have those little monsters called “children.” 

Until this point everything is all flowers and daisies. Unfortunately, sometimes the space where flowers and daisies rest are taken over by weeds and prickly rose bushes. Let’s cut to the chase. 

Fun Fact – Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are both divorced. So even if you’re super rich you might still get divorced. How depressing is that?

What happens when marriage takes a wrong turn, falls off a cliff and explodes into a fiery hell? Who do the monsters, I mean children, live with? How are the assets divided? What about all the cash the primary breadwinner has? Did they hide the money in an off-shore account?

There are so many questions, it gives me a headache. Well, one painkiller later, and the professional you will require is a divorce lawyer. What a title for a professional – “Divorce attorney.” I mean just the sound of someone getting into this profession entails a money hungry kinda guy or woman or non-binary. 

However, they are completely necessary. Human beings watch way too many movies, and some perhaps think that they can be their own divorce lawyer in court. They believe they can represent themselves, which is possible, of course, but also ridiculous.

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I remember, I went to traffic court when I was the ripe age of 21. I received a speeding ticket, and being a broke human being with a minimum wage job, I decided to fight the ticket and represent myself. I watched a lot of movies when I was a young adult.

Before they called me to the stand, I probably popped two pills to calm my intense anxiety disorder. At that moment, I wished I’d just paid the ticket. It was too late, unfortunately. They called me to the stand, and being super relaxed due to my medication, I had no clue what I was doing. 

I approached the stand and said, “Hey guys,” to the judge and all the other court workers. They were not pleased by my greeting based on their shocked reactions. I thought everyone would’ve been more relaxed. It was traffic court after all. I wasn’t there on any criminal charges.

To make a short story shorter, I lost the court appeal. I also missed a day’s work. I felt like a loser. But I was feeling nice from the medicine, so not a complete loss.  What I am getting at is that if the marriage is dead, get yourself a quality divorce lawyer.

Depending on the relationship and how it ended, it could be a bitter battle. Growing up we heard the statistics that 40 percent of relationships ended in divorce. Well, how did they finish? Was it cheating, abuse, financial problems? 

Whatever reason it is, human beings have the tragic habit of starting wars. It is in our blood. People are emotional, and if one member of the marriage shoots out a comment like this to the other, “I am gonna get the best divorce lawyer in the city and take everything!” They are probably not kidding around.  Thus, the battle, the war begins. 

Many assume that divorce lawyers love it when couples divorce, which can be true or untrue. It is a job that can be lucrative. I am sure dentists hate their jobs but some of them are rich, so they may as well look at disgusting mouths until they retire. Many professions are based on bad events and negative circumstances that lead to profiting. Furthermore –

Civil couples will attempt to sit at the table and strike a deal without lawyers. But let’s say the husband had one too many drinks one night after work and went to the bar with the guys. Later that night, he took a local gal to a local motel and got caught cheating. I do not think the wife is going to be satisfied with a 50/50 split of everything, after the jerk, sorry, I meant husband, ruined everything. 

Now the wife wants 70 percent of everything. This is probably where it gets super complicated, and again, you will need a divorce lawyer. In life good people make mistakes, and we all pay to learn – Sometimes emotionally, most of the time, financially.

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Upon some personal reflection, I remember a woman, a friend of mine, who separated from her husband. She didn’t want any drama, and let him have everything. When I speak with her now, she regrets her decision. She put a lot into that relationship. They owned a house together, and now she rents a crappy apartment in a poverty stricken part of town.

Would a divorce lawyer have been beneficial to her? The answer is obvious. The man got lucky in this situation because the woman acted on emotions and just wanted to be out of the relationship and be free. While having the feeling of a new beginning can seem pleasant, it would be more beneficial if she had some of her old stuff, and money. She is kicking herself now and it is causing emotional problems and stress. 

In my opinion, a divorce lawyer, and using the court system is in place for a reason. Yes, divorce lawyers have a certain reputation, but as do dentists, auto mechanics, the list goes on and on. 


Before you get married, think to yourself, “Could I see myself with this person fifty years from now, when I am old and passing gas uncontrollably?”

If the answer is yes, put a ring on that special someone’s finger. Life is too short to fight about stuff. 

If the relationship is dead, come to a post marriage agreement as simply as possible. Whether that be in a civil agreement or with the best divorce lawyer in town. 

Here at the website, we generally blog about all things related to making money. On the upside, if you find the right spouse, you can prosper together in being a team. Two minds are better than one. 

On the downside, if the wrong spouse is selected, another statistic has been created.  

FUN FACT – Around 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. 

According to those statistics, perhaps after the divorce, one could think of a new career as a divorce lawyer.

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