Immigration Australia

By Trevor H.   –   November 5, 2021

Immigration Australia with Make Dinero Baby

Moving to another country is by far the most life changing decision one could make. Selecting the most appropriate country for immigration is where it gets fun.

With my parents immigrating from Europe to Canada back in the seventies, suffice to say that moving around is in my blood. Now, living in Colombia, I strongly believe that living in other countries is not only good for the adventure, the heart, but it can also lead one down the road of prosperity.

If I was to wonder about why someone is keen on immigration, I’d assume that there are many different reasons why – such as safety, politics and the economy.

For instance, the past few years I have been teaching English as a side job and many of my students have been from Russia. Every student I taught has either left Russia, in the process of leaving Russia or aspiring to leave. Many say it’s due to politics and others want to make more dinero. 

Growing up, many years before I decided to live in Colombia, there was always one place that stood out. A place where the citizens had an awesome reputation as kind, warm-hearted people. Where unique animals such as the kangaroo would hop around, and cute koala bears would sleep on tree branches. There is only one country this super cool, Australia.

Australia, also known as the Land Down Under, is only a dream for some people. From Aussie Man reviewing people almost getting killed and having a few laughs about it, to the Irwins making friends with Alligators, Australia is simultaneously awesome and somewhat peculiar. Carrying on.

It was about 5 years ago. I was 35 and interested in the visa rules to enter Australia. As I recall, I believe it stated that I was too old to enter the country for immigration. It wasn’t exactly disappointing as this world is filled with unique destinations to travel to, but my dream of meeting the Aussie Man was over.  

Let’s understand why from an economic point of view, this massive island continent could be a good fit for immigration. 


Why do people immigrate to Australia?

  1. Good education

Australia has one of the best education systems in the world. There is an abundance of prestigious schools and universities. No matter what cup of tea you’re into, you’ll find it in Australia, and by tea, I mean options of education. 

  1. Financial well-being

Although having a high cost of living similar to Canada, Australia retains its financial well-being. Its economy continues to grow year after year. Thus many new immigrants continue the voyage to the Land Down Under, bringing in an influx of new money into its bustling economy. 

  1. Making money 

Employment opportunities in Australia are immense. Being a skilled worker such as an electrician, plumber, etc will most definitely land someone a job with a pleasurable salary. With an influx of immigration, the job market shall continue progress.

When it comes to starting a business, Australians are game. It is said by many that small businesses are the core of the Australian economy. If you’re moving from another country where entrepreneurship is visibly active, Australia could be the right cup of tea for you.

Although there are many different ways to enter Australia, with regard to becoming a permanent resident, here are some ways. 

  1. Family stream permanent resident visa
  1. Work stream permanent residence visa
  1. Business or investment stream permanent residence visa

For a list of visa options to enter Australia or for immigration, you can visit the site for more information Australia Immigration and Citizenship 



For myself, living in Canada until the age of 38, doing something completed outside the box was my forte. Moving to Australia has a striking resemblance to Canadian life, other than the cold weather, that is. 

What I mean by that is Australia, like Canada, has good, intelligent people. They are also welcoming with regards to new immigrants. 

If you’re motivated about moving based on financial options, completing more research should be had. There are many countries with bustling economies such as Canada, New Zealand, and European countries. 

You should also realize the change in proximity from your home country. Australia is not just a skip or a jump away from the Americas. It is a long journey and one will be a great distance apart from the family that you are leaving behind like cousin Pedro, and Uncle Steve, but he’s a jerk anyways.

Make the right choice. It could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Because really who doesn’t like money, kangaroos and shrimps by the barbie (barbeque).

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