10 insurance companies In The U.S.that are known to have remote sales jobs available in 2023

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  1. Allstate: Allstate is a major insurance company that occasionally offers remote insurance sales positions. Pay can vary based on experience and commission structures.
  2. Liberty Mutual: Liberty Mutual is known for providing various insurance products and may have remote sales opportunities available.
  3. State Farm: State Farm offers auto, home, and life insurance products and may have remote sales positions with variable compensation.
  4. Progressive: Progressive is a popular insurance provider that occasionally offers remote sales roles with competitive compensation.
  5. Nationwide Insurance: Nationwide is another well-known insurance company that may have remote sales job opportunities.
  6. Aetna (a CVS Health company): Aetna offers health insurance products and may have remote sales positions available.
  7. Humana: Humana specializes in health insurance and wellness solutions and has been known to offer remote sales roles.
  8. AIG: AIG is a multinational insurance company that may occasionally have remote sales jobs.
  9. Cigna: Cigna offers various health insurance and related products and has offered remote sales positions in the past.
  10. UnitedHealth Group: UnitedHealth Group is a diversified health and well-being company that may have remote sales opportunities.

Remember, the salary and commission structures for insurance sales roles can vary significantly based on factors such as experience, location, the specific insurance products being sold, and individual performance. It’s advisable to research each company’s current job openings and review their compensation details to get an accurate understanding of what they offer. Additionally, be prepared to meet any licensing or certification requirements for insurance sales in your region.