25 companies known for hiring remote Spanish speakers

Spanish Speaking Job List

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Here are 25 companies known for hiring remote Spanish speakers:

  1. Amazon: Offers virtual customer service positions that may require Spanish.
  2. Dell: Often hires remote customer service representatives fluent in Spanish.
  3. American Express: Occasionally has customer service and travel consultant roles for Spanish speakers.
  4. Concentrix: A global customer service company with remote positions for bilingual agents.
  5. Liveops: Provides opportunities for remote call center agents who speak Spanish.
  6. Teleperformance: Offers remote customer service positions for Spanish-speaking agents.
  7. Sykes: Provides work-at-home customer service positions, including bilingual roles.
  8. LanguageLine Solutions: Offers remote interpretation and translation services for various languages, including Spanish.
  9. TTEC: Hires remote customer service representatives who are fluent in Spanish.
  10. U-Haul: Occasionally has remote customer service positions for Spanish speakers.
  11. Intuit: May have remote positions, such as tax advisors, that require knowledge of Spanish.
  12. Appen: Offers remote positions in data annotation and language-related projects.
  13. Rev.com: Provides opportunities for freelance transcriptionists and translators.
  14. Gengo: Offers translation and language-related work for freelancers.
  15. Lionbridge: Provides remote translation and localization services.
  16. Language Scientific: Offers remote translation and interpretation jobs.
  17. Cyracom: Specializes in language services, including remote interpretation.
  18. Unbabel: Provides remote opportunities for translators and content editors.
  19. Upwork: A freelance platform where you can find translation and interpretation jobs.
  20. FlexJobs: A job search platform that lists various remote job opportunities, including those for Spanish speakers.
  21. Worldwide101: Offers virtual assistant and executive assistant services, including bilingual roles.
  22. Bilingual Source: A staffing agency specializing in bilingual job placements.
  23. Diverse Lynx: A staffing and consulting firm with remote job opportunities.
  24. Crossover: Offers remote job opportunities in various fields, some of which may require Spanish.
  25. Bilinguals Inc. / Bilingual America: A language services company that occasionally hires remote workers.

Remember to research each company and its specific job listings for the most up-to-date information on remote positions for Spanish speakers. Additionally, consider using job search websites and platforms to find more opportunities that match your skills and language proficiency.

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