25 tech companies that require remote workers

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Here are 25 tech companies that are known for offering remote work opportunities:

  1. GitHub: The platform for software development, GitHub often hires remote engineers and other tech professionals.
  2. GitLab: A web-based Git repository manager that has a distributed team and offers remote work options.
  3. Automattic: The company behind WordPress.com, Jetpack, and WooCommerce, with a fully distributed team.
  4. Zapier: A popular automation tool that enables remote work for its employees.
  5. Toptal: A marketplace for top software developers and other freelancers to find remote work opportunities.
  6. Buffer: A social media management platform that has a remote-first culture.
  7. InVision: A design collaboration platform that often hires remote designers and developers.
  8. Dell: A multinational technology company that offers remote work options for various positions.
  9. Mozilla: The organization behind Firefox often hires remote developers and engineers.
  10. Cisco: A networking technology company that has embraced remote work for some positions.
  11. Elastic: Known for Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, this company hires remote developers.
  12. Red Hat: An open-source software company that frequently hires remote tech professionals.
  13. Atlassian: The company behind Jira, Confluence, and other collaboration tools often offers remote work opportunities.
  14. Twilio: A cloud communications platform that hires remote engineers and developers.
  15. Basecamp: A project management and team collaboration software company with a remote team.
  16. Auth0: A company specializing in identity and access management, with remote work options.
  17. Clevertech: A software development company that primarily hires remote developers.
  18. CrowdStrike: A cybersecurity technology company with remote job opportunities in tech and security.
  19. Etsy: An e-commerce platform known for its remote-friendly policies.
  20. GitKraken: A Git client with a remote team and remote work options.
  21. Trello: A popular project management tool owned by Atlassian, which allows remote work.
  22. Shopify: An e-commerce platform that has embraced remote work for various positions.
  23. Zendesk: A customer service software company with remote opportunities in support and tech roles.
  24. Stripe: A technology company specializing in online payment processing, with remote work options.
  25. Slack: The communication platform company that has embraced remote work, even before the pandemic.