30 companies that are remote work friendly for spanish speakers

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30 companies that are remote work friendly for spanish speakers?

Many companies were embracing remote work and hiring individuals who are fluent in Spanish for various roles. Please note that the availability of remote positions and specific job opportunities may have changed since then. Here are 30 companies that were known for being remote work friendly and potentially hiring Spanish speakers:
  1. Toptal: A platform connecting businesses with top freelancers and remote workers from around the world.
  2. Buffer: A social media management platform that has embraced remote work for its team members.
  3. Zapier: A tool that connects apps and automates workflows, known for its remote-first culture.
  4. Automattic: The company behind WordPress, known for its remote work policy and distributed team.
  5. GitLab: A web-based platform for software development that emphasizes remote work and collaboration.
  6. Shopify: An e-commerce platform that has offered remote job opportunities for various roles.
  7. InVision: A digital product design platform that supports remote work for its employees.
  8. Help Scout: A customer service and support platform that hires remote team members.
  9. Toggl: A time tracking tool that offers remote work opportunities for its team.
  10. Crossover: A remote work platform connecting companies with top talent globally.
  11. HubSpot: A marketing and sales platform that offers remote job opportunities, including for Spanish speakers.
  12. Trello (part of Atlassian): A project management tool that has embraced remote work.
  13. Hotjar: A behavior analytics and user feedback service that hires remote team members.
  14. TaxJar: A sales tax automation platform that offers remote job opportunities.
  15. Close: A sales engagement platform that hires remote team members.
  16. Lionbridge: A company that provides translation and localization services with remote work options.
  17. BairesDev: A technology solutions company with a focus on remote software development.
  18. Greenback Expat Tax Services: A tax preparation service that hires remote accountants.
  19. Aha!: A product roadmap software company that supports remote work.
  20. Intraway: A telecommunications solutions company that hires remote team members.
  21. Unbabel: A translation and language solutions platform with remote opportunities.
  22. TextMaster: A professional translation service that hires remote translators.
  23. Aquent: A creative and marketing staffing agency that offers remote work opportunities.
  24. Remote.co: A job platform specifically focused on remote work opportunities.
  25. Lingoda: An online language learning platform that hires remote language tutors.
  26. Wonder: A research service that hires remote researchers to answer user questions.
  27. Remoters: A remote work job board and community for remote professionals.
  28. JustAnswer: A platform that connects people with experts for real-time help.
  29. Babbel: An online language learning platform that may hire remote language tutors.
  30. Gengo: A translation services company that offers remote translation jobs.

Please note that the status of these companies and their remote work policies may have changed since my last update. It’s recommended to visit the companies’ websites or relevant job search platforms to find the most current remote job opportunities for Spanish speakers.