Chief Marketing Officer

Omada Health

  • Build a budding product marketing team that delivers winning market strategies, solutions, tools for customer-facing teams and customers.
  • Lead our customer outreach marketing team to achieve industry-best enrollment rates
  • Build the brand strategy for Omada and its clinical programs
  • Build the brand and go-to-market strategy and plan for Omada’s next generation program, Integrated Virtual Care.
  • Manage and allocate resources across the entire marketing mix to achieve brand and financial expectations
  • Lead our B2B marketing and demand generation efforts to build an ongoing pipeline of potential customers across employers and health plans.
  • Serve as a standing member of the Commercial Lead Team who determines sales forecast, resource allocation, policy, and overall commercial strategy
  • Serve as a standing members of the Product Prioritization Committee who determines product and engineering resources across the development roadmap
  • Serve as a standing member of the Executive Leadership Team who guides the overall strategy for Omada, manages resources strategies for the entire enterprise, decides all Omada policies and procedures, and determines Omada’s long-term strategy

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