From LATAM, What European countries are easy to immigrate to

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Being from Canada and now living in Colombia, I now wonder…

What countries are easy to immigrate to if you are from LATAM?

The ease of immigration to European countries from LATAM can vary depending on the specific immigration policies and agreements between the countries involved. While immigration processes can be complex and subject to change, here are some European countries that have historically been popular destinations for immigrants from LATAM and may offer relatively more accessible immigration options:

  1. Spain: Spain has historical and linguistic connections with many Latin American countries, which can facilitate immigration. It has various visa options, including the Entrepreneur Visa and the Highly Skilled Professionals Visa, which may provide opportunities for immigration.
  2. Portugal: Portugal offers various visa programs, such as the Golden Visa, which allows investment in real estate or other qualifying investments to obtain residency. It also has the Tech Visa program to attract skilled professionals in the technology sector.
  3. Italy: Italy has ancestral citizenship laws that allow individuals with Italian heritage to apply for citizenship. If you have Italian ancestry, you may be eligible to obtain Italian citizenship and live and work in Italy.
  4. Germany: Germany has a strong economy and a demand for skilled workers. It offers various visa options for employment purposes, such as the Job Seeker Visa and the EU Blue Card, which provides opportunities for qualified professionals to live and work in the country.
  5. Ireland: Ireland has a vibrant tech industry and offers the Critical Skills Employment Permit for individuals with in-demand skills. It also has the Working Holiday Authorization program for certain countries, including Argentina, Chile, and Mexico, allowing young people to work and travel in Ireland.
  6. Netherlands: The Netherlands has a favorable business climate and offers the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) for entrepreneurs from certain countries, including several in Latin America, allowing them to establish a business and obtain a residence permit.

It’s important to note that immigration policies can change, and the specific requirements and processes may vary. It is recommended to consult official government websites, consulates, or immigration authorities of the desired country for the most up-to-date and accurate information on immigration options and requirements. Additionally, seeking professional advice from immigration lawyers or consultants specializing in the specific country can also be helpful in navigating the immigration process.