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What equipment do I need to be a tester?

In order to test websites and get paid, you need to have a Windows or Mac computer, or a mobile phone or a tablet. If on Windows, you need to have Windows 7 or newer.

Your device also needs to have a microphone, either internal (like most devices have) or external. If you need to buy an external microphone, even the cheapest ones selling for around $2 will work.

How do I get paid, and how much?

After the initial qualification test which is not paid, you get paid $3 for 5-minutes tests, $10 for 20-minutes tests, $20 for 40-minutes tests and $30 for 60-minutes tests. You receive payment after approval, about one week after the test, to your Userfeel Wallet and you can transfer from there to your PayPal account at any time.

Each test lasts 5 to 60 minutes and is completed with your computer, tablet or smartphone. Most tests are 20 minutes where you earn $10.

Read the following instructions and watch the short training video to understand what our customers need from you as a tester.

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