How to start a career in digital marketing (2023)

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My daddy used to say, “Son, you are capable of anything you want in life.” I don’t think he was talking about me stealing the family car at 13 years old and crashing it, I think he was talking about work. So, let’s talk about making money online.

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Starting a career in digital marketing in 2023 involves acquiring the necessary skills, gaining practical experience, and building a strong professional network. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Educate Yourself: Begin by learning the fundamentals of digital marketing. There are many online resources, courses, and certifications available that cover topics such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics.
  2. Choose Your Specialization: Digital marketing encompasses various specialties, including SEO, social media, content marketing, paid advertising, email marketing, and more. Identify which area interests you the most and focus on building expertise in that field.
  3. Build a Portfolio: Create a portfolio of your work to showcase your skills and abilities. Start by working on personal projects, volunteering for organizations, or freelancing for clients to gain hands-on experience. Include your projects, campaigns, and results achieved in your portfolio.
  4. Gain Practical Experience: Look for internships, entry-level positions, or freelance opportunities in digital marketing. This hands-on experience will help you apply your knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of industry practices.
  5. Network: Build connections within the digital marketing industry. Attend industry events, join professional groups on social media, and participate in online communities. Networking can lead to job opportunities and valuable mentorship.
  6. Stay Updated: Digital marketing is a dynamic field, so it’s important to stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and best practices. Follow industry blogs, subscribe to newsletters, and engage in continuous learning through courses and certifications.
  7. Develop Technical Skills: Digital marketing requires technical skills, including proficiency in analytics tools, content management systems (CMS), marketing automation platforms, and digital advertising platforms. Familiarize yourself with popular tools and platforms used in the industry.
  8. Build Your Personal Brand: Establish yourself as a digital marketing professional by creating a strong online presence. Develop a professional website, optimize your social media profiles, and create valuable content to demonstrate your expertise.
  9. Seek Mentorship: Find experienced professionals in the field who can guide you and provide mentorship. Their insights and advice can be invaluable in shaping your career and helping you navigate the industry.
  10. Apply for Jobs: Once you have acquired the necessary skills and experience, start applying for digital marketing positions. Look for entry-level positions, digital marketing agencies, or in-house marketing teams in various industries.

Remember, building a successful career in digital marketing requires continuous learning, adaptability, and a willingness to stay ahead of industry trends. Be proactive, seize opportunities to learn and grow, and never stop refining your skills and knowledge. And don’t forget to party on the weekend because that is nice as well.