Immigration Options for Latin Americans

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Sorry to interrupt your job searching. If you’re thinking about leaving your current country for any reason like finding a job, here are some good options on countries that allow new immigrants and are also quite beautiful.

Here are a few European countries that have historically been considered relatively more accessible for Latin Americans:

  1. Spain: Spain has historically had close ties with Latin America and offers specific pathways for Latin American citizens to obtain residency and work permits. Spanish citizenship can also be acquired after a certain period of legal residence.
  2. Italy: Italy has implemented various programs that facilitate immigration, including for individuals of Italian descent or those married to an Italian citizen. Latin Americans with Italian ancestry may have the opportunity to apply for citizenship through descent.
  3. Portugal: Portugal has implemented programs like the Golden Visa, which allows individuals to obtain residency by making a significant investment in the country. The country has been attracting foreign investors and entrepreneurs.
  4. Germany: Germany offers different pathways for immigration, including work permits and family reunification. The country has a strong economy and seeks skilled professionals in various sectors.
  5. Sweden: Sweden has a history of accepting immigrants and offers various programs for work permits, family reunification, and studies. The country values diversity and has a relatively open immigration policy.


  1. Argentina: Argentina has historically had more open immigration policies and offers various pathways to obtain residency, such as work permits, family reunification, and special programs for Mercosur citizens (a regional trade bloc). The country has a long history of welcoming immigrants, including from other Latin American countries.
  2. Chile: Chile has implemented special visa programs like the Temporary National Permit (PNT) that allow for simplified immigration procedures for individuals from certain Latin American countries. Additionally, Chile has attracted many foreign professionals through its skilled migration programs.
  3. Uruguay: Uruguay is known for having more lenient immigration policies and offers pathways for permanent residency, including through investment or starting a business. The country has relatively low entry requirements and a simplified naturalization process.
  4. Peru: Peru has implemented immigration programs that facilitate residency for individuals from other Latin American countries, such as the MERCOSUR Agreement. The country has also introduced entrepreneurship visas and work permits to attract foreign professionals.
  5. Colombia: Colombia has implemented programs like the Special Permit of Permanence (PEP) that allow individuals from certain Latin American countries to work and live in the country. Colombia also offers pathways to permanent residency and citizenship.

*Please note that Colombia is my personal favorite. The weather is beautiful and the food is natural. It’s a little more difficult to find work than some other countries, but if you like to see women who look like Sofia Vergara everywhere, than you know what to do…

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