Make Money Online as a Virtual Friend


Choose from hundreds of amazing Virtual Friends to text, message, play video games with, video or phone call. Virtual Friends offer unique friendship experiences such as building your confidence, providing personal companionship and offering a listening ear if you’re lonely.

Find someone who relates to you and can fulfill your friendship needs and send them a booking request for as many days as you would like their services.

What is FriendPC?

FriendPC aims to help people make friends, find someone to accompany you somewhere, or help you reach a goal.

Not only do we provide an opportunity for our subscribers on FriendPC to meet friends, but we created a platform for Virtual Friends to earn extra cash by posting friendship booking services.

Book out your talents for people and travelers searching for a unique experience. Make new Friends from around the world. Make extra cash sharing your talents for people and travelers who share the same interest.

Whether you want to book a Virtual Friend or become a Virtual Friend, FriendPC offers it all. Find someone to build a companionship with, Life Coach services, or give you a tour around a city you’re visiting.

  • Job information can change without notice

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