Performance Marketing Leader


Performance Marketing Leader Location: Remote – United States

  • Relevant Experience
    • 7+ years of prior Growth Marketing leadership.
    • Prior experience with some of the following: ads/performance marketing, SEO/SEM, Large scale Email marketing, data scraping/data operations.
    • 2+ years of expertise with data science/quantitative analysis.
    • Engineering/STEM degree from a top school strongly preferred
    • Prior experience as a startup founder is a plus.
  • Data-driven/Quantitative:
    • Drive key metrics by ruthlessly focusing on high-ROI opportunities. The leader must have a proven record of creating sensible KPIs rather than just following industry best practices, many of which don’t neatly apply when in an uncharted territory of innovation.
    • Very High on data analytics capability. Should understand things like statistical significance in an applied setting very well. Should be able to operate with messy data, create working hypotheses, test on modest budgets and iterate fast.
    • Basic Machine Learning knowledge is a plus.
    • Understanding how ad exchanges work is a plus. Specifically, knowing what they try to optimize and having some rough understanding of click prediction algorithms and RoAS optimization algorithms used in ad exchanges, even if this person has come nowhere close to implementing it. Should know enough ML to understand what an ad exchange could possibly learn from data regarding your audience and what is unlikely/impossible.
    • Understanding the mathematical underpinnings of web search ranking, TF-IDF, pagerank is a plus.

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