Regional Event Coordinator Remote United States



What’s it like to work remotely?

    • Work from the comfort of your own home or chosen coworking space
    • Meet with your manager and team via video calls on Google Meet or Slack
    • Connect with coworkers via Slack (with channels for work and for fun!)
    • To enjoy our remote work policy, you’ll need high-speed internet access

About you:

    • Experience with trade shows and corporate events, including event planning, coordination, logistics, and execution
    • Project management: You are able to oversee and execute different projects at the same time, managing goals and deadlines effectively
    • Bold – Go forward with confidence: You always move forward with confidence without dwelling too much on prior mistakes or over-celebrating prior successes.
    • Avid learner – Stay curious: You stay curious and explore new ideas. You are proactive and enjoy adding “new tools” to your skills and knowledge.
    • Dedicated – Love what you do: You are enthusiastic and love what you do as well as you are uncomfortable staying too long in your comfort zone.
    • Good-natured – Treat others with respect: You treat others respectfully, equally, and fairly. Your morals and ethics do not bend while being able to adapt to different situations.
    • Edpuzzler – Two brains think better than one: You know that two brains think better than one and take advantage of that to solve common goals. You solve issues together and celebrate together.
    • Resourceful – Attack the problem from a new angle: You are resourceful and you find creative solutions no matter what the constraints are, even if you have to invent a solution from scratch by your own initiative.
    • Attention-to-detail: You efficiently and accurately focus on specific tasks with a critical eye as well as minimize distractions and learn how to focus on what really matters
    • Communication: You communicate and present ideas effectively in different contexts and to different audiences
    • Critical & analytical mindset: You set an intentional and rational thought process that focuses on the analysis of factors in order to tackle issues by evaluating information
    • Dealing with uncertainty: You effectively drive solutions out of ambiguous requirements or situations
    • Organizational skills: You are able to work independently, plan and exercise conscious control of time spent on specific goals, and reach deadlines effectively
    • Ownership: You are proactive in your role, understand the purpose of your job duties in achieving larger company goals, hold yourself accountable for your work, and demonstrate a genuine interest in contributing to company success
    • Persistence: You are determined to pursue a goal despite difficulties and obstacles that you may encounter until you get what you want
    • Stakeholder management: Establish and deepen relationships with key decision makers (both internal & external constituents alike), based upon credibility, trust, meaningful value-creation, partnership, and strategic guidance
    • High school diploma or equivalent
    • At least 3 years of experience working as an Event Coordinator organizing live and online events
    • Experience working on an international team is a must
    • Ability to travel approximately 20 days per year

Job information can change without notice

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