Senior Software Engineer, Backend


About The Role

As a Senior Software Engineer at PocketHealth you will:

  • Take ownership of the architecture, design, development, deployment, and operations of the solutions that you develop, using DevOps practices, pair programming, and other cutting edge methodologies
  • Be able to spend time learning and developing technical skills, and show off your technical chops via ambitious goals
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of PocketHealth’s core products and architecture, and act as an ambassador for state of the art software solutions and industry best practices, while offering support and mentorship to colleagues
  • Address ambitious, complex engineering initiatives —keeping a clear high level picture while breaking things down into discrete, bounded tasks

Within your focus on Backend Engineering, you will:

  • Architect, Build & Maintain the scalable microservices that power PocketHealth, enabling the secure and efficient transmission and storage of our patients’ health records
  • Collaborate with fellow engineers to review proposed code and system designs
  • Step into new problem spaces and quickly formulate well thought out solutions

  • Job information can change without notice

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