Staff Engineer – React Native and Mobile Native


Staff Engineer – React Native and Mobile Native


    • Strong technical understanding of the React Native and native mobile across iOS and Android architecture, performance and ongoing stability of mobile products
    • Take ownership and continuously review code to ensure it is scalable, reusable and works across multiple applications inside our repository
    • Mentoring and guiding engineering in the mobile team to best practices and working with them to educate
    • Excellent communicator to smoothly ensure others understand what is required to change at all levels.
    • Experience working with product and engineering leadership to ensure big bets can be made, architectural changes can happen and priorities are understood.
    • Excellent communication both written via RFCs / architecture diagrams and verbally to clearly articulate points in meetings and get everyone on the same page is required.
    • Keep up to date with the mobile development ecosystems so as to be able to influence future product direction.


    • At least 8+ years extensive software engineering experience in high performing teams
    • 6+ years of strong knowledge using React Native and Typescript at scale
    • 2+ years in a Staff Engineer role
    • Objective-C/Swift or Java/Kotlin – iOS and Android native experience and bridging with React Native
    • Firm grasp of the JavaScript language and its nuances, including ES6+ syntax and the TypeScript superset
    • Ability to teach (and write) new architecture, turbo modules and JSI to the team, knowledge and understanding of C++
    • Experience working on either large complex enterprise level systems or proven ability to build a greenfield product from start to finish
    • You write high quality, well tested code to meet the needs of your customers.
    • Willingness to take extreme ownership of your work and educate engineers to create results
    • Ability to work closely with product, engineering and design teams
    • Working with leadership and senior management to steer the way of mobile engineering roadmap