Strategic Talent Partner, Merch


We’re looking for a Strategic Talent Partner, Merch, to join our rockstar team. As a Strategic Talent Partner of Merch you will be working with  the top creators, entertainers and athletes to develop their brand through merchandise and fan shoutouts. In this position, you will be building a pipeline of highly engaged talent, creating a compelling merchandise plan and partnering with other departments such as Design, Marketing and Operations to ensure a successful launch for a client. Strong knowledge in e-commerce or retail are key areas of expertise in this role.

A few things about yourself:

  • You have 3+ years of experience in ecommerce/retail or brand development for creators, athletes or iconic figures within entertainment.
  • You have deep industry IQ and are invested in keeping up to date with creator revenue trends throughout the entertainment industry.
  • You are able to dive into your network without fear of being told “no”. You have a positive attitude and you are always able to find creative ways of highlighting the value of what you are selling.
  • You are incredibly detail oriented, making sure internal and external partners are aware of what is expected or needed by them every step of the way.
  • You work collaboratively with wider teams, ensuring there is always internal coordination across all departments to support the launch ‘plan’ for each client is executed in the best way.
  • You are incredibly organized and have a proven track record for managing a pipeline and sales quota.
  • You understand the value of a referral network as a scalable resource to develop more talent partnerships.
  • You treat your clients and colleagues as partners, creating a collaborative environment at all times.

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