Investigations Specialist – LATAM


Mexico, Mexico City, Remote
Posted 3 weeks ago

Mexico, Mexico City / Full-time Onsite or Remote / Compliance

Responsibilities:Thoroughly analyze customer account data, on-chain and off-chain transactions, account characteristics, and other information in order to assess the nature of the activity and identify related entities as necessary;Conduct detailed open source research to identify data vital to furthering investigations or due diligence initiatives;Identify trends in abnormal or malicious activity in order to map out networks of bad actors;Document research and illustrate the steps taken, the data sources reviewed, and the conclusions drawn;Liaise with other teams to assist and provide and/or gather information;Based on analyses, provide feedback to relevant departments to enhance the company’s security framework.

Requirements:3+ years of law enforcement experience;3+ years experience with cybercrime or financial investigations;Proven track record of detected cases/technical assistance to detected cryptocurrencies cases;A solid understanding of cryptocurrencies and differences between separate blockchains / networks;Subject matter expertise, extensive experience and knowledge with DeFi; Excellent writing skills and ability to clearly communicate findings clearly and concisely;Ability to analyse large amounts of data Excellent problem-solving skills, including an ability to think outside the box.

  • Job information can change without notice
  • English speaking may be required

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