Learn English, Make more Money

Written by Trevor H. on August,22/2021

An online esl teacher sitting at desk

That was me about 3 years ago, when I started working as a full-time online English tutor. I switched careers over from business to work with language learners, and so far, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Every time that I meet a new student, whether they were from China, Colombia, Mexico, they all say the same thing. They need to learn English for business. Most of the world is now globalised, and it seems that the English language has taken over when it comes to the language of business.

Posting jobs online for job searchers has always led me to the same comments,”I don’t speak English,” said in Spanish, Mandarin, etc. So what was my appropriate response, “Learn English then.”

I understand that it is no easy task to learn a language. I have been living in Colombia for 2 years now, and my Spanish level is not exactly amazing. But here is the thing, I don’t need Spanish to make more money.

People, the amount of online jobs that are being listed is at an all time high. This situation with covid has left people at home, working from their computers. I, myself have made my living from sitting on my butt, teaching English online. And for most part, I have been teaching business English.

I have taught students everything from digital marketing vocabulary, IT vocabulary, business vocabulary, all the way to beginner English. No matter your English level, now is the time to improve. If you are 15, 20, 30, it does not matter. You can do it.

It may take a couple years or only one year to learn English enough to use it for your career. But look at it like this, how many years does it take to graduate with a college degree? In life we have to invest the most precious thing we have, time.

When I start teaching a student who has 40 years, I am utterly impressed. This person understands that they have lots of time left on this earth, and they want to make the most it. They want to be successful. And I am here to help in the process.

If you can learn English to sufficient level, you can tap in to the North American online job market, and even world wide. In my opinion, there is no excuse to let this opportunity pass you by. You just need to invest the time, and be dedicated.

For example, living in Colombia, I met a girl who was an online babysitter. And the reason she got this job was because she could speak some English, as the client was an American mother of 3 children.

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