Living in Colombia, South America. A great choice for digital workers

Written by Trevor H. on August 24, 2021

Updated on December 28, 2022

A remote worker in Colombia next to nice houses

I remember being 37, living in Toronto. I was your typical Canadian, waking up super early, driving in traffic to get to work. I was living the rat race. I was single with no kids at the time, and most of all, I was bored. Something in my life needed to be changed, and I knew exactly what is was, everything.

Frequently watching YouTube, I enjoyed watching people visiting other countries, and living there. Whether they were there short term or long term, I didn’t know nor care. All I knew was that these people were living the life, and I wanted in! They spent time in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, and the country I ended up living in, Colombia.

I wanted to remain a digital worker, but I wanted to escape the hectic pace of life that people endure in the North America. So why Colombia?

Well first off, when I first came to Colombia, it was not to live. It was to check it out, test it. My first stop was Medellin and I remember getting off the plane and taking the bus to the city. I have never seen a landscape so stunning. The mountains, houses, chicas. It was vivid and life was getting interesting.

I began my stay at a shared house in Laureles, Medellin. After some research, I concluded it would be the best place for me. Apparently most foreigners prefer El Poblado, but I am not like most foreigners. I am Trevor H, the gringo from Canada, and I wanted to have more of a local experience. Plus hearing about foreigners getting drugged and robbed in Poblado wasn’t exactly a secret.

My number 1 priority upon arrival was to start working, and to continue making dinero baby. I was changing my career over from digital marketing to ESL online teaching. Soon after arriving into the country, I began making friends. While having the urge to party and have some Aguardiente, it was not time to party just yet. I was focused on earning.

To my benefit, living in Medellin was and is great for digital workers. The internet was adequate, the power never seemed to go out. I could get stuff done. I worked non-stop for 10 hours a day, and in the evening I would go for a walk to explore the city.

After a few months in Colombia, I realised that most of the country is perhaps an adequate place for digital workers, and that the country will give you a chance to be successful. That is all I wanted, efficient resources.

Life is good. I am happy I made the choice to come to Colombia. The weather, the food, the nice people. The street sellers who yell and wake me up every morning to buy a damn aguacate. Here are a few pictures of my time in the country.

Update – December 28, 2022 – Well, it has been over a year since I wrote this blog. I now have a wife and 2 kids. Life is good in Ibague, Tolima, Colombia. Thanks for reading, amigos! Check out some pictures before you go.

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Before I had a wife and kids in Colombia, life was easy in Medellin….

Now I need to pay for diapers, but life is better…

11 thoughts on “Living in Colombia, South America. A great choice for digital workers

  1. Glad you found a place in Medellin. Just returned from my “test run” in Medellin and Cali – feel like I’d enjoy free time in Medellin and calling Cali home. Now it’s just searching for the right job opportunity to enable the move. Thanks for the success story, gives me more motivation.

  2. Good job Trevor! Colombians enjoy everything with very little and we are very happy people
    Thanks for sharing a positive story about my country.

  3. Hey!
    A paisa here trying to turn my career onto a more nomad style. I would love to meet you and chat over a coffee. Hit me up via email.

  4. Great history. I am living at Vancouver right now. My girlfriend is living at Colombia because I am Colombian. Sometimes think in returning back for periods of the year. I am organizing this dream using your remote job list. I hope so!!!. Hector

  5. i wold love to enter digital work and learn more . a month ago i get sick and i cant work anymore in my area because of mi kidney problem and the anticoagulation i feel im not going to be much time in this world so y want to start travel until i can.

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