Make money online doing surveys

Do people actually make money online doing surveys?

doing online surveys

By Trev H. on August 23/2023

Yes, some people do make money by participating in online surveys. However, it’s important to understand that the amount of money you can earn from online surveys is generally not substantial and may vary greatly depending on several factors. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Earning Potential: The income earned from online surveys is typically modest. Most survey platforms offer a small monetary reward for completing surveys, and these rewards can add up over time, but they are unlikely to replace a full-time income.
  2. Demographics: Survey availability and earnings often depend on your demographics, including your age, location, gender, and other characteristics. Some surveys are designed for specific groups, and if you don’t fit their criteria, you may receive fewer opportunities.
  3. Time Investment: Surveys vary in length, complexity, and payout. Some shorter surveys may pay less, while longer ones might offer slightly higher rewards. Keep in mind that longer surveys may also require more time and effort to complete.
  4. Payment Methods: Survey platforms may offer different payment methods, such as cash, gift cards, or other rewards. Make sure the platform you’re using offers payment options that suit your preferences.
  5. Legitimacy: Be cautious of scam websites that promise high earnings from surveys but ask for upfront fees or personal information. Stick to reputable survey platforms that have positive reviews and a history of paying participants.
  6. Consistency: To make a noticeable income from surveys, you’ll likely need to consistently participate in surveys across multiple platforms. Diversifying your sources can increase your earning potential.
  7. Supplementary Income: Many people view online surveys as a way to earn extra money in their spare time rather than a primary source of income.
  8. Other Opportunities: Some online platforms offer tasks beyond surveys, such as user testing, product reviews, and microtasks, which can also contribute to your online earning potential.

In summary, while it is possible to make some money from online surveys, it’s essential to have realistic expectations. If you’re looking for more substantial or reliable income, you might want to explore other online opportunities, freelance work, remote jobs, or developing skills that can lead to more stable sources of income.

20 online platforms that pay money to take surveys and tests?

Here are 20 platforms that were known for paying users to take surveys and tests:

  1. Swagbucks: Offers rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, and completing other tasks.
  2. Survey Junkie: Provides paid online surveys for user opinions.
  3. Vindale Research: Offers paid surveys, product evaluations, and online studies.
  4. Pinecone Research: Pays for participating in product surveys and testing.
  5. UserTesting: Pays for testing websites, apps, and providing feedback.
  6. InboxDollars: Offers rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, and more.
  7. MyPoints: Provides rewards for taking surveys, shopping, and other tasks.
  8. Toluna: Offers paid surveys and product testing opportunities.
  9. Valued Opinions: Pays for taking online surveys and participating in discussions.
  10. YouGov: Offers paid surveys on topics ranging from politics to consumer brands.
  11. Opinion Outpost: Provides paid surveys and occasional product testing.
  12. Mindswarms: Pays for video responses to survey questions.
  13. TestingTime: Pays for participating in usability testing and user research studies.
  14. Branded Surveys: Offers paid surveys and rewards for completing tasks.
  15. OneOpinion: Provides paid surveys on various topics.
  16. PrizeRebel: Offers rewards for taking surveys, completing offers, and more.
  17. Ipsos i-Say: Provides paid surveys and loyalty points.
  18. Qmee: Offers paid surveys and rewards for online activities.
  19. Opinion World: Pays for participating in surveys and providing opinions.
  20. Tellwut: Offers rewards for taking surveys and participating in polls.

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Please note that the availability of surveys and tests may vary based on your location, demographics, and other factors. Additionally, the earning potential from these platforms can vary widely, and it’s unlikely to replace a full-time income. Always read reviews, check for payment proof, and be cautious of any platform that asks for upfront fees or sensitive information.