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29th June 2022

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By Trev H.

Being from Canada and living in Colombia for the past few years, I can tell people of a business venture that can be lucrative. You can make money online teaching Spanish. 

What if I told you that you do not need a college degree, would you be more interested? Do you need to know how to make a sale? Absolutely. 

In Canada, it is no secret that the French language is one of the primary languages. Let’s talk about that for a second. Growing up, I was terrible at French. I had no interest in the language. Perhaps it was because I was lazy or maybe it was because I sensed that I would not need it moving into adulthood.

I was correct. I am 41 now. I live in LATAM. I have three kids and the French language would not have changed my life in any way. During 6 years of school, it was better to be lazy and think about other stuff as my French teacher taught. 

Growing up, I was more interested in Spanish. I read about the history of Spain and I heard about the unfortunate events that were happening in Colombia. I saw pictures of the Andes mountains in South America, I was engaged when viewing pictures of Spanish coastal villages, and Ricky Martin was livin’ la vida loca. 

Now, let’s talk about business and how you can make money online from teaching Spanish. When I first started teaching language classes online, I was awful, but I was a quick learner. I offered conversation class and I taught verbs. You can learn as you progress. 

In Canada, many people are interested in the Spanish language, and Canada is a huge market. Let’s look at single people for instance. There are many people who are looking to learn languages, but to be honest, they might also be looking for a friend. 

In my days as an online language teacher, many of my students turned into friends. In my opinion, you’re making the money from the connection. And yes, you obviously have to teach as well. 

Most of the time, students will require a trial class. In that time, you will quickly find out if there is any chemistry. If there is, perfect. Before your class is over, you need to discuss a schedule. You need to assume that the student will continue. Assume the sale, always.

I personally think that two classes per week of one hour is ideal. Whether you charge 15 dollars to 20 dollars per online class is your business. Remember, the minimum wage in Canada is 15 dollars an hour, so charge as much as you think you can get. It is business. 

If I were to go back in time and start teaching languages again, I would refrain from using platforms that charge a commissions. Here is where I would go, and what I would do. 

How to make money teaching Spanish online


Create a YouTube channel and make some videos that display your teaching methods. Wait, what, you don’t have a teaching method. Well, why don’t you search YouTube and look at some other teachers. Find a style that you can sustain. Smile. Be yourself. Have fun and record and upload. 

After you start getting views, you can leave your contact info on your page for people to reach out to you. The great thing about YouTube is that you can also add affiliate links to your description and in time, you may be able to start showing ads to monetize your page.  

FB or Instagram Page

Now is the time to get on Reels. For context, I started using reels about a year ago, and now our business has over 100k followers. That translates to many website visitors and it equals a solid profit.

All you need to do is make some 10 to 20 second engaging videos and after some time, you should have people messaging you for more information. Be clear that you offer online Spanish classes. Remember, if you can build relationships through your direct messages, you can make the sale for that first class. 


TikTok is another platform where you can offer short videos to receive engagement. After receiving many followers, you can advertise your business. The good thing about this platform is that you can be really creative and try different things. If you notice that people are engaged with your unique video styles, execute. 

Regarding our business, it was TikTok that gave us views at the beginning. Moving forward, Instagram has been more valuable in terms of engagement. But when you get a viral video on TikTok, millions of people can see it. 

Remember, you only need about 10 students to take 2 classes a week to make money online as a Spanish teacher. 

Another platform to mention is Pinterest. This platform is really kind to websites. Our business receives lots of traffic from our Pinterest page. It depends on the way you want to advertise. Perhaps you don’t want a website and you only require a social media page. That is wonderful, but you don’t really won your social media page. You do, however, own your website and domain.

Making money online as a Spanish teacher to me is more about making the sale. If you meet people online that are interested in learning, be enthusiastic, be kind and be a good salesperson.

Spanish is a romantic language and even if students are too lazy to learn, they might be thinking of Enrique Iglesias or Sofia Vergara while they are in a class with you, and that my friends, is money in the bank. 

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