How to make money on Instagram: 3 creative ways for 2022

Make money Instagram.

By Trevor .H   –   November 16, 2021 Updated on January 15, 2023

With the year 2022 approaching and social media getting bigger and grander, capitlizing on a business ambition leads many businesses down the road to social media. In particular, how to make money on Instagram.

With over 1.3 billion users on Instagram, learning the ins and outs of the platform may not be the reason for being there at all. Most people using IG are enjoying beautiful pictures of nature, food and people. There is no end in sight to the amount of content to stare at for hours on end.

In 2022, newcomers to the platform who arrive with one goal in mind, earnings, may seem detoured with the abundance of competition. Also, when looking through your profile you will notice options to advertise or promote your content. This could cause people to think that IG has made it to the top of the mountain and now they want nothing but paid advertising from its users and that free, organic reach is dead. 

Believe us, it is not dead. We can attest to that after gaining 23k followers in a short time. Nowadays the follower count is not as important as engaged viewers, fans. What I mean is that a business with a follower count of 1,000 could be more profitable than a business with 10,000 followers. Perhaps it’s a clever business strategy and perhaps it’s our good friend, luck.

No matter your goal, the year 2022 will be an opportunistic time to make money on Instagram. Why? Instagram and TikTok or going toe to toe in their virtual fight over market share. TikTok exploded into the ring and used a strong right hook which dazed Instagram. But instagram countered and unleashed Reels and Stories which continues to grow in popularity.


Now that Instagram released its clickable link on Stories, which leads viewers directly to their business website, we can only say one thing, “Gamechanger.” It is almost as if Instagram knew their competition was right around the corner and was ready to counter. 

Here we are. The decision to make money with social media has been made. There’s only one more question

“What are the ways to make money on Instagram?”

  1. Sell Stuff

Look, China and India may seem far on a map, but creating a large bulk order of goods to have shipped to your garage may be only a few weeks away. Check out some of the well known Chinese websites and all the cool gadgets that are available for sale. Customers love cool gadgets and interesting products. 

One may assume that products need to be shipped out which is a lot of work for, let’s say, a busy mom, dad or student. But what if your Instagram page is based on a localized business model. Meaning, when an order is placed for your product, you meet with the buyer and in exchange for the product, you receive the best thing ever. Better than eggs and bacon, fine Colombian coffee – You recieve cash money

Do be careful when meeting strangers for transactions. It’s not a secret that there are some shady characters out there. Meet in a well-lit public place. This is why most people prefer to ship their products. There are no unwelcomed encounters.  

Get out your camera, take pictures and shoot videos. Video editing is now easier than ever before. You don’t need any fancy editing software to get started. You can edit your clips right on Instagram and even add music. Pretty cool, right?

  1. Promote your business

Here at Make Dinero Baby, this is what we do best. We promote our business website. What’s your business? You could be a student who cuts grass on the weekend or have a new restaurant opening up on the corner. Advertise it on Instagram Reels. 

Use the appropriate hashtags for your business to categorize it and hit that publish button. When we first started uploading IG Reels, we were receiving traffic immediately. 

Not all restaurants and other businesses are located on a busy street that receives lots of visual traffic. Bridge the advertising gap with IG. It is free. Well, not all the time. If you want to run a paid ads campaign, that is another option that could be effective. But talking about free ways to promote is always more fun. 

If you have the time to start taking videos to promote your business, it could be a gamechanger. 

FUN FACT  In some areas of the United States, people are using Instagram to promote house listings for sale, and it’s widely effective. Here’s a fun dialogue –

“Honey, I found a beautiful house on Instagram. Should we buy it?” The wife asked.  

Some people are saving the 5 percent commission they would be required to pay a real estate agent by listing their house themselves. And we all know what 5 percent of 1 million is. 

Promote your business, brand, house. 


  1. Advertise other businesses

If you have a high quality camera, time and the gift of negotiating sales, you can produce videos for other businesses.

For instance, you know a painter and he or she or custom has not been making solid earnings for the past few months. You explain to the client you’ll begin making videos for their business, showcasing their latest work with some before and after pictures. 

The contract can be a commission of all the sales or leads generated from the published videos or the client can simply pay a cash sum for all videos. 

When we started on IG Reels, it wasn’t long before learning that we could use geolocation hashtags to categorize our videos for a specific location. 

What it comes down to is getting started. Nobody likes cleaning a house but once you begin, the momentum takes flight. It is the same for social media. You can research further on our site on ways to make money on Instagram or you can stop procrastinating and if you found the blog useful, sharing it would be terrific.

Update as of January 15, 2023 – Our company has been using Instagram on the daily. We have 2 different accounts with almost 200k total followers. With this amount of a following, you should be able to make money. Even if only 1 percent of your following purchases something from you, that would be 2000 people. If you profited only 5 dollars per sale, you would have 10k. hopefully that brings some motivation to you all.