Why Do People Move To The US?

By Trevor H.

Give or take 11.5 million immigrants from Mexico live in the U.S. This makes up around 25 percent of the immigrant population in the United States, which is ideal because there are way too many people eating burgers in the U.S. Spicing it up with some Mexican heat is surely necessary, and besides, alot of U.S. land was original Mexican. No worries, this is not a history lesson. Vamos.  

I’m here today to talk about why people emigrate to the U.S. I didn’t want to write your typical made-for-Google blog about “how” to immigrate to the United States. Rather, I’d like to discuss the dream of living there. Going over the process of becoming a resident or citizen just seems extremely boring to blog about, and I’m not going to pretend as if I am an immigration lawyer. So, let’s talk about the dream. 

5 Reasons why people move to the United States


Ever since I was a kid and I watched the movie Scarface, I was mesmerized by the vision of Miami. The movie itself was violent and crazy. While I did forget to “Say hello to his little friend,” I did not forget the image of the beautiful Miami beaches, turquoise waters, the party, the people. These images have never left my memory. 

As a Canadian myself, the dream of living in the U.S. comes with the thought of residing in Florida, Miami, Tampa, The Keys, and that dream has not faded. 

Recently many U.S. citizens have been moving to Florida in droves. Leaving cities in California to persue a lower cost of living, but not leaving the tropical climate that they may be used to.

Aside from the many people flocking to Florida, one thing remains true, this state offers just about everything when it comes to quality of life; enjoyment, sun. Yeah, those hurricanes kinda suck, but everywhere on this planet has its pros and cons.  

Canada doesn’t have many hurricanes, but you will be cold for half of the year, and that, my friends, sucks. 

If saving money is your cup of tea, Florida does not have a state income tax for individuals. This means you could have more money for that one thing that most people think about, the beach. 

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Making Money

The U.S. is a country like no other when it comes to dinero. Earning a solid income is on the mind of most in this regard. Let’s think about all the new start-ups that are starting up every year or how about some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Google, Meta, Apple, are all mega companies from the U.S. 

In the United States, the dream is alive. You can literally start from the bottom and make it to the top, like that Drake song. It is possible. Look at Mark Zuckerberg. He made a website and now he’s one of the richest people on the planet. Must be nice, eh? Start a website and become a billionaire. As it is not likely that this will happen, it is possible. 

People from the U.S. enjoy spending. That is why their economy remains the strongest in the world. They are not cheap people. If you have a great idea for a product or service and it has value, people will pay for it, gladly. 

Coming from Canada, where you can buy an old pickup truck and start making money in the same week, it is no different in the U.S. If making money quickly with a small investment sounds appealing to you, immigrating or moving to the United States could be a super terrific option. 


Choosing the correct career is vital in today’s world. Aside from some of the most prestigious colleges and Universities, there are also an abundance of quality community colleges and private colleges. 

The United States does not play around when it comes to education. If your goal is to be a doctor or lawyer, you can find the education necessary to achieve your goals.

Nowadays many people desire to work online. So why not take the advice of people who achieved great success and perhaps enroll in a master class. 

The United States has produced more billionaires than any other country besides China, and at times, these billionaires educate people on how they achieved great success in their position. 

Most of the time they state the obvious, “With hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything.” While this may seem as a strictly motivational quote, it seems all too true in this country. Persistence is everything.

Thousands of people every year attend college in the U.S. with the dream of becoming the next great business person or doctor or lawyer. Also, you could just work from home and live the good life.  


Aside from eating too many burgers than one should, the citizens of the United States also consume an overload of sports. If you enjoy watching intense competition in athletics like American football, basketball and hockey, you have come to the right place. 

Fun Fact – I’d like to add that about 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, so if you immigrate to this country, try not to become obsessed with the abundance of sports, and spend time with your partner instead. However, if your relationship doesn’t work then watch lots of sports because sports are awesome, except for golf. Golf is not technically a sport anyways. 

If you enjoy chicken wings and sports, congratulations, you have achieved what most people desire. Great food and entertainment. 

According to this list, if you live in Florida, enjoy sports, chicken wings and love to earn money, I can only state that I am jealous of your life. 

Hmm, let me think of another great aspect of immigrating or moving to the U.S. Let’s go with –


People from the U.S. love stuff. I love stuff. Everybody loves stuff. You can basically find anything you want in The States. The latest technology is in abundance.

If fast food is your thing then do not hesitate to visit the many restaurants in your town or city. 

Boring Fact – Perhaps limiting your fast food intake to once a month would be responsible for maintaining good health. Being obese is not ideal.

Houses and condos are beautiful in the USA. You can live in a condo near the beach or choose to live in the mountains of Colorado. Not many other countries offer the types of living options and climate options as the U.S. does. 

This country enjoys a four season climate in most states which reflects different clothing options and different styles of houses and real estate. 

If your ideal evening reflects watching sports from a big screen t.v., you will more than likely have a top notch electronic store in any town or city that you chose to immigrate to. Get that 72” t.v. You deserve it. 

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Again, this article isn’t so much about how to immigrate to the USA, but why. If you would like information on immigration, I found this page that could help. (We are not affiliated in any way)

USA Immigration Info

Most people leave their home country for economic reasons, and this action comes with a dream. A vision of living a good life. Eating delicious food in a nice house, spending time with family and friends. 

Find an adequate job or better yet, a work from home job by the beach. Make it happen, amigos. 

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